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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (PRWEB) December 27, 2021
Zonda today announced the appointment of Derin Bluhm to the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Bluhm joins at an exciting time as the company continues to expand emerging technology to enhance products and services to power the next generation of builders.
Bluhm has served as Chief Information Officer (CIO), CTO, and in other senior leadership positions for a variety of large public and private entities. He has over 25 years of experience in building world-class products and services. He has served as the CTO of Trivision Technologies, Interim CIO for the Seattle Police Department, Interim CIO for TrueBlue, CIO of the Seattle Financial Group/Seattle Bank, and VP of IT and Product Development at Fiserv Credstar.
Most recently, he served as the CTO of the Grant County Public Utility District leading technology transformation for the utility where his work was recognized in Global Power & Energy Elites 2021. He was recently named as a 2021 UAI Top 25 Thought Leader in Utility Analytics. Bluhm began his career as a Software Engineer with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.
“For Zonda to continue to be a leader in the industry, technology development and acceleration is of the utmost importance,” said Jeff Meyers, CEO of Zonda. “We are excited to welcome Derin aboard and confidently look forward to the strategic advancements he will lead for both our external and internal technology improvements.”
Bluhm describes himself as an “evangelizer of emerging technologies,” who believes in “leveraging technology for competitive advantage.” He is a transformational leader who is driven to “provide exceptional executive management with gracefully honest assessment and hands-on leadership of IT strategy, infrastructure, teams and practices.”
“I am very excited to be joining the exceptional Zonda team during this period of tremendous growth,” said Bluhm. “Looking forward to accelerating the delivery of Zonda’s market-leading technology for builders and developers.”
About Zonda
Zonda provides data-driven housing market solutions to the homebuilding industry. From builders to building product manufacturers, mortgage clients, and multifamily executives, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to streamline access to housing data to empower smarter decisions. As a leading brand in residential construction, our mission is to advance the home building industry, because we believe better homes mean better lives and stronger communities. Together, we are building the future of housing.
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