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Charlotte Schnieders,
Jefferson City
Dear Editor,
The movie “Memphis Belle” should bring tears to your eyes if you’re a patriot of this country. You realize why the men who destroyed Hitler’s dream of world power are called the “Greatest Generation.”
They were young men, mandated for military service, but had no previous training. Many had never been outside their small towns, but asked to do a monumental task of defeating a large, well-funded enemy. It was an all-out effort by the American people, and many, many families lost loved ones, not only in WWII, but the wars immediately following.
That was until President Nixon made military service voluntary and it was someone else’s job to protect the freedoms you enjoy. Many past presidents showed leadership in battles and people realized they’d do the same for our country. Recent presidents have avoided military service and show little to no respect for soldiers and their families’ sacrifices. When less than one percent of 330 million Americans serve in the military, something is deadly wrong and patriots realize it!
Since 1992, when globalists decided to steal America’s wealth for world dominance, the only president who stood against that was President Trump. With a globalist-controlled media, they had to destroy him, his family and associates and slandered Trump daily. The politicians, who put wealth and power over Americans’ safety, rushed two impeachments, a two-year investigation and now this one-sided “show trial!”
Questions: Why did Pelosi deny Trump’s offer of 20,000 National Guard troops since she was in charge of security and warned of possible violence? Who opened the secret coded Capitol doors from inside? Why hasn’t the 14,000 hours of video been shared with GOP and defense lawyers? Is it because participation by government actors could invalidate conspiracy charges? Why did former FBI agent John Guandolo see FBI agents dressed as protestors? Why did Ray Epps and two other protestors that encouraged breach of the Capitol never get indicted? Why was Capitol barriers and security signs breached before Trump’s speech ended? Why did Democrats facing horrible mid-terms, hire a producer to slice and dice video, which, if taxpayer funded is illegal? Why doesn’t the 1/6/2021 committee have equal party representation? Why were security agents who disputed Hutchinson’s testimony and Klulowski, who said his disposition was altered, never allowed to testify? Democrats’ power and money are more important than truth!

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