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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Holiday travel is in full swing across the country as Christmas approaches. If you’re traveling to or from the Mobile Regional Airport in the coming days, you may be in luck since holiday travel is running smoothly for the city’s Airport.
According to Devon Calametti with the Mobile Regional Airport, flights have been steady over the last few weeks.
“We’re nearing that pre-pandemic level of people traveling through the Mobile Regional Airport,” said Calametti.
One perk of flying in or out of Mobile’s airport is the likelihood that you may avoid crowds.
“Judging from the traffic from thanksgiving we saw an uptick in travel then,” said Calametti. “The difference between Thanksgiving holiday traffic and Christmas holiday traffic is that it is spread out quite a bit over about three weeks of holiday travel.”
And, what should you expect airport foot traffic to look like after Christmas has passed?
“Were known for security checkpoints to be very short and sweet that’s one of the great things about traveling at MRA however at this holiday season we are expecting more people so you want to arrive two hours before your departure.”
According to Federal mandates, you are still required to follow COVID-19 guidelines within the airport, which includes wearing face coverings inside the building and during flights.
 If you arrive at the airport and realize you left your mask at home, you can go to the customer service desk and they will give you a new one.
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