Yahoo Email. Get rid of that missing unread email by Marking All Emails as READ! Right click folder

Disclaimer: Boring Video.
Have you ever checked your e-mail and you noticed that there were a few unread e-mails. You tried looking through all of your yahoo e-mails only to not be able to find the unread e-mail??
What’s annoying about this is that you will see notifications about unread emails. Well if you’re in front of your desktop on yahoo email, it’s actually pretty easy to mark all emails as read.

1) Move your mouse over the left navigation where your “Inbox” or any other folder you want to mark all emails as “Read”
2) Hover over the email folder like “Inbox” and right mouse click.
3) Some popup options will open, move the mouse over “Mark emails as read”

What’s annoying is that if you use the check boxes, it seems like you might be selecting all emails, but the check box to select all, might just select emails loaded in the queue.

Anyways.. good luck with those still using yahoo email! I’m about to make the final move to go over to google gmail since my yahoo mail has be compromised on the dark web

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