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The Xiaomi Mi 11 is the newest flagship smartphone from Chinese tech brand Xiaomi – its specs and price make it a top rival for the Samsung Galaxy S21, and likely some upcoming devices like the OnePlus 9 and Oppo Find X3.

We first saw the Xiaomi Mi 11 at its Chinese launch event in December 2020, but the phone got a second, global unveiling in early February 2021, before a worldwide rollout. This is a pattern Xiaomi tends to follow with its Mi line of phones, though the global launch is usually at tech conference MWC, which was pushed back this year until June.

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When tech fans think of ‘Xiaomi’ they think of top-spec devices being offered at mid-range prices; while that latter trait may not be totally true in the Mi 11, the former is, as the Xiaomi Mi 11 has some impressive specs and features. Don’t be surprised to see this in our ranking of the best Xiaomi phones when we manage to test it out for ourselves.

Before we get to test the Xiaomi Mi 11, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the phone below including its specs, features and availability, so you can get a good idea of this new phone.

After the global launch event in February, the Xiaomi Mi 11 is launching in various regions in March.

We currently have pricing in Euros for the Xiaomi Mi 11, but not in Pounds Sterling or Australian Dollars just yet. Due to precedent we’re not expecting the phone to be available in the US, but will include conversions just so you can get an idea at the phone’s price.

For 8GB and 128GB storage, the Xiaomi Mi 11 price is €749 (converts to around $900, £660, AU$1,175). If you want more storage, you can get 256GB for €799 (about $960, £700, AU$1,250). A version of the phone with 256GB storage but 12GB RAM was unveiled in China, but it doesn’t seem like that’s getting a global release.

For context the Xiaomi Mi 10 cost £799 / AU$1,699 (roughly $990) with 8GB / 128GB specs, so the Mi 11 could cost the same, or a little less, than its predecessor.
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