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The Xiaomi Mi 11 is – based on first impressions – an all-around improvement on the Xiaomi Mi 10, tweaking the specs in almost every department in order to iron out some of that phone’s issues while adding even more features. If the Mi 10 seemed like the phone for you, forget it – the Mi 11 is better in almost every regard.

The Mi line is Xiaomi’s line of flagship phones, and the Mi 11 is its 2021 entry. With its Mi line, Xiaomi often tiptoes above its usual area of ‘low-price, high-spec’ phones, and the Mi 11 certainly is a premium handset – but, more so than its predecessor, it justifies its price tag across the board.

So could this end up being one of the best phones of the year? Very possibly, and for a number of reasons.

Primarily, the Xiaomi Mi 11 has a great-looking display, with a high resolution and top refresh rate, but its AI engine steals the show by automatically enhancing the resolution or framerate of whatever you’re watching.

That’s certainly not the only Mi 11 feature to shout about though, as it also packs super-fast wired and wireless charging, loads of fun videography modes, and possibly the best macro-photography camera in a smartphone.

We’ve tested out the Xiaomi Mi 11 for a few hours – that’s not long enough to write an in-depth review, but it is enough time to garner some initial impressions of the phone. So here’s our initial Mi 11 review, and stay tuned for our full review soon.

You can buy the Xiaomi Mi 11 in most European countries starting March 2021 – while we’d also expect it to go on sale in Australia at some point soon, Xiaomi doesn’t sell its phones in the US.

We currently have the euro price for the phone – it’ll set you back €749 (which converts to around $900, £660, AU$1,175) for 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, or €799 (about $960, £700, AU$1,250) if you want to bump that RAM up to 12GB and the storage up to 256GB.

Notably the phone is an only child, with no Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro or Mi 11 Lite right now with which to compare it, so we can’t see its price in context. The Mi 10 launched at £799 / AU$1,699 (roughly $1,000) and the Samsung Galaxy S21, the Mi 11’s closest contemporary rival, starts at $799 / £769 / AU$1,249.
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