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Today our own Nick Pino takes a first look at the latest consoles from Microsoft in this Xbox Series X and S unboxing.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S will become an increasingly common comparison now that Microsoft’s next-gen consoles are almost here. It’s important to know the difference, too, as which one you buy will largely depend on the capabilities you need from your next-gen machine and your budget. Do you want all the bells and whistles that the Xbox Series X can provide, or do you want a cheaper, yet powerful alternative that might not do everything, but it does exactly what you need? Let’s put the two consoles head-to-head and find out which Xbox is right for you.

First up is the #XboxSeriesX, Microsoft’s flagship console that’s capable of 4K graphics and promises to be the most powerful console ever made. On paper, the specs are very impressive, and it has a unique, tower-style design that we’ve never seen from a console manufacturer before. It’s set to cost a pretty penny, though, at $499 / £449 / AU$749, the same price as the PS5, which releases 2-9 days later depending on where you live.

The #XboxSeriesS is far more affordable, however, albeit a less powerful alternative for consumers to consider. It’s digital-only, so you’ll be at the mercy of the Microsoft Store for any purchases you make. It’s set to release on November 10, 2020, alongside the Xbox Series X.
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