With the price of beef up, Chef Bobby shows you protein swaps and makes his salmon Wellington – FOX 2 Detroit

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Beef prices are high right now, so Chef Bobby is here to show you protein swaps you can make in your diet.
He made his salmon Wellington, a recipe that is similar to beef Wellington.
The Ingredients:
What to do: 
The origin of salmon Wellington dates back to Tudor England (mid 1400s to early 1600s). Beef Wellington (which is a fillet of beef coated with pâté and mushroom duxelle, then wrapped in Parma ham, THEN wrapped in puff pastry and baked) was an incredibly popular dish among the higher classes. Larger groups began to experiment with other types of protein that were more plentiful and affordable, like salmon. I’m thankful that they did, because it led me to this unbelievably scrumptious and impressive-looking recipe.
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