Winner and Loser of the week: some fold it better than others

We were at the IFA 2019 in Berlin this week. No wonder we were here looking for the winners and losers of the week. We found them, too. And both names are well known.

Winner of the week: Samsung

We all know the story. The foldable Galaxy Fold from Samsung should have been launched in April. Then Samsung sent out the first test devices and they broke down by the dozen. When the iFixit experts took the fold apart, various weaknesses came to light. To top it all off, Samsung also demanded that this very report be removed. The whole thing seemed to develop into a debacle for Samsung. That it was always only said that Galaxy Fold would come “soon” did not exactly incite more confidence.

And now, things are looking much brighter. From this month you can buy the Galaxy Fold. At over $2,000 it is a bit more expensive than originally announced. But it can now transmit via 5G. Samsung brought the smartphone to the IFA in Berlin and we had the chance to try it out. At this point, I would just like to reveal one thing: my colleague Steffen is in love.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Fold Unfolded
Our man Steffen was certainly wooed by the Galaxy Fold / © AndroidPIT

Loser of the week: LG

Oh, LG. It’s no secret that the manufacturer’s smartphone business is shrinking. It tries again and again and secretly many probably still hope for a positive surprise. The LG G8X ThinQ was presented at the IFA. Here, LG interprets the theme of folding smartphones differently.

The smartphone does not make a bad impression at all. But it’s definitely a weird one. Do you need such a second screen? And why does it have a notch that doesn’t even have a camera in it? Whether LG will win back the smartphone market is doubtful. Especially since the price is still unknown.

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