Why do mobile phone batteries explode? Reasons, Warning Signs & Preventive Measures – Jagran Josh

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The cases of phone battery explosion are common these days. The main reason that hints towards the event are excessive heating of the battery. These rechargeable batteries in our smartphones are mostly safe and rarely burst into flames. And the reasons for overheating of phones are assorted.
Most of the time the real cause behind the explosion of smartphones is carelessness, manhandling, or overuse. Get to know everything from reasons and symptoms to solutions for the mobile explosion in this article.
The advanced set of mobile phones, or better to say smartphones are mechanized by Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries constitute a balance between positive and negative electrodes. And when they come in contact with high heat exposure, the inner components of a battery cause a volatile reaction which later catches fire.
A phone battery can indeed explode due to excessive heating, but claiming it as the only reason will be false. So the list of other reasons includes:
According to reports, excessive temperature for a longer period heats the battery which results in making the cells in the battery unstable producing gases such as carbon dioxide and oxygen.
Experts say that before turning into a fireball, phone batteries give flags. And the good part is that anybody who can read these early signs of explosions can deal with fatality.
Some of the early warnings of phone battery explosions are:
In case of an explosion, it is advised to use a fire extinguisher or use something fireproof to cover the phone. Whereas, the second step should always be calling the emergency services while evacuating the area to stop the further spread of fire.
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