Why all tech enthusiasts should care about Apple’s iPhone event

Apple will present the next generation of iPhone’s tomorrow at the Steve Jobs Theater, on its Cupertino campus in California. We’ll be watching the event live to bring you the latest news. But why should you care?

Let me just say from the off, I do not understand the tribalism that exists in the smartphone world. This idea that Apple and Google are rival teams, and one must pledge their allegiance to one or the other is absurd. This is not football. We are consumers, and these companies are competing for our hard-earned cash, nothing more. The best customers for billion-dollar (or trillion-dollar) tech companies are the ones who buy out of blind loyalty.

That said, as a publication that has, in the past, primarily focused on Android, we’re often asked why are we even covering the Apple event at all? The truth is, Apple matters to us, and it should matter to you. Whether we like it or not, it’s hard to escape that fact that any new developments Apple shows us on Tuesday will probably come to Android phones in the near future. That is just the way this game works. And it works both ways.

Why Apple hardware is a part of our future

The iPhone may be waning in terms of its important to Apple – it now accounts for less than 50 percent of the company’s revenue – but the iPhone and Apple hardware, in general, is still of huge interest to tech enthusiasts around the world, regardless of what brand of smartphone they have in their pockets. At least, that’s what we believe, and that’s why we want to deliver valuable content on Apple hardware.

Like it or not, Apple will continue to inspire industry trends, too. The iPhone X may not have invented the notch, but it is indisputable that it popularized it. Xiaomi, which let’s just politely say ‘takes a lot of inspiration from Apple’, is growing in Europe and beyond. Other brands that are on the rise outside of China, such a Huami, are clearly still taking inspiration from Apple too.

AndroidPIT huami amazfit gts iso
The Huami Amazfit GTS: the design inspiration is obvious / © AndroidPIT

Our interest in Apple boils down to something very simple: we love tech. We’re enthusiasts on both the hardware and software side. Apple, like Samsung and Xiaomi and Nokia and Huawei and… ok maybe not LG, but the others make innovative, cutting-edge tech products that of course have their own strengths and weakness but are always interesting. To not cover Apple would be like Rolling Stone boycotting Ed Sheeran or Men’s Health not covering… what else does Men’s Health do aside from six-packs? Anyway, you get my point.

When it comes to Android and iOS, it’s a game of give and take

Forget the hardware for a second, and look at the software. Android and iOS are becoming more and more similar. Why? Because they are both ‘inspired’ by each other. Exclusive features baked into the operating system do not stay exclusive for long. Successful, innovative ideas are soon repackaged, reimagined or outright copied by whoever failed to think of them first.

I’m not going to play tit for tat here, those who feel the urge to do so can fight amongst themselves about who stole from who, but there are countless examples of parity forming between these two operating systems. Google Pay and Apple Pay, card-like notifications, gesture navigation, night mode, quick charging, facial recognition for unlocking, quick menus, app permissions, dark mode, and countless more debuted on one OS and later came to the other.

We all want to see creativity and innovation in the smartphone market but getting upset about which company got there first is futile. As a tech enthusiast, I’ll be watching the iPhone launch with interest, and I hope to see something new from Apple. I don’t care which company drives innovation, I just want to see what the future looks like.

Are you excited about Apple’s iPhone event tomorrow? Let us know in the comments.

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