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Webex Go by Cisco is a Webex Calling add-on that allows users to link their Webex contact details to their carrier plan, enabling calls using their device’s native dialer over a cellular network. Essentially, it converts your smartphone into a business telephony device without using a separate softphone application.
This new capability can completely change how users live and work in a hybrid environment. With Webex Go, users can reduce their reliance on their desk phones while benefiting from their organization’s enterprise voice solution features. Users may utilize this technology to integrate their Webex Calling business line directly onto their mobile phones, saving them from carrying multiple devices.
Using the solution, Cisco customers can expect the following capabilities:
E911 service with dynamic location support
Users can use the Webex Go solution in E911 emergencies to provide accurate location information to emergency services. This can help ensure that dispatchers can send help quickly and efficiently. The solution and connected devices also provide location information based on the network topology that an administrator configures. This opens Webex Go to a broader range of use cases across sectors.
Intuitive calling experience
The Webex Go experience enables intuitive calling similar to what users are accustomed to on their desk phones and mobile phones. There is a keypad for making calls and buttons for standard features such as mute, transfer, and hold. Users can also access their contact lists directly since Webex Go builds on a smartphone’s existing calling interface without leaving out its core features.
Security and compliance
Webex Go allows users to ensure that their mobile devices are compliant with enterprise calling standards. Webex Calling also uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt all media streams. Those features, along with the capability to remotely wipe the Webex app from a lost or stolen device, ensure that businesses can trust Webex Go to keep their data safe and secure.
Centralized management
Webex Go provides administrators with unprecedented control with the Control Hub (which serves the complete collaboration management ecosystem). As a result, all features of Webex Calling can now be managed in a single, centralized location, and admins can use Control Hub to create custom user groups and configure line settings.
Further, the availability of Webex Go brings employees’ mobile devices into the ambit of enterprise device management. In other words, administrators can now control Webex no matter which device on which the service is deployed.
Webex Go allows users to:
Utilize mobile networks to make and receive high-quality calls
Webex Go gives users access to Webex Calling’s enterprise-level calling functionality. The same company number is used on Webex devices, the Webex app, and personal or work mobile phones. Users can utilize the native dialer on their mobile device to dial an extension to contact a colleague or department.
Access to enterprise-grade features
Webex Go users can take advantage of the same business calling features as Webex Calling, such as extension dialing, business voicemail, and call recording. The solution also offers additional features such as integration with the user’s contact list (hosted locally) and recent call lists from the desk phone and mobile app.
Maintain personal privacy and identification
Employees who participate in a bring your own device (BYOD) program are more likely to use their mobile phones for business because they are more convenient and straightforward. Webex Go allows for accessible business calling while ensuring that the user’s cell phone number is not used as the outbound caller ID. Since the employee’s voicemail and call history are saved in the secure environment of the business phone system, one can maintain personal privacy.
Enjoy a consistent calling experience
Modern mobile communication devices have a software dialer. It may be tough to persuade employees to download an app instead of making business calls using their phone’s native call button. Now, employees do not need to be taught how to use Webex Go because it takes advantage of their existing familiarity with the devices of their choice.
Further, employees do not need a separate or new mobile calling plan because Webex Go works with their existing Webex Calling number. The Webex App is also installed on mobile devices, and it will enhance the entire calling experience by offering quick access to additional collaborative capabilities.
Simplify administration
In the Control Hub, a Webex Go-equipped mobile smartphone appears like any other device, allowing for central management of all devices utilized by employees. Administrators can enforce corporate standards such as compliance recording to guarantee that the organization is compliant regardless of when or where a phone conversation occurs. Webex Go does not save any company or customer information on the employee’s phone.
Govern employee phones better
The same recording and data retention policies still bind employees who use Webex Go on their phones, covering call logs, analytics, and other compliance parameters. Businesses can continue to gain insights into employee-to-customer interactions using Webex Calling’s sophisticated analytics and reporting services.
Make use of cellular voice networks
The app uses the high-quality voice network of carriers when possible or automatically falls back to VoIP over a data network. The user can even initiate a call from their desk phone and pick up where they left off on their cell without remembering or entering another number. With Webex Go, businesses can take advantage of reliable HD calling features that elevate the sound quality of mobile conversations.
Conduct business conversations from anywhere
With Webex Go, employees can answer calls from their business number on their mobile phones, even when not at their desks. This way, they never have to worry about missing an important call. Further, since the solution is carrier-based, it enjoys widespread availability globally.
Webex Go was launched in October of 2021 and is currently available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom; and is rapidly expanding globally. Cisco also announced ten more European countries being added to its Calling Plans: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Sweden. Pricing for Webex Go will depend on your existing Webex calling subscription ($17 per month onwards) and your local carrier costs.
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