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On May 9, 2022, a new Heardle will be available to finish. Here is our response to question 73. We only know of Heardle as a music game. The game was created a little over ten weeks ago and quickly gained a significant following due to its uniqueness in comparison to other games that were inspired by Wordle. Players must guess the daily tune in this game. You have six chances to guess, and you must begin by listening to the song’s short intro. With each inaccurate or skipped guess, you unlock five more parts of the song. At midnight local time, a new song is available, however, some gamers modify the clock on their devices to play the next song sooner. If you’re having trouble understanding the tune published on Heardle 73 (May 9, 2022), we’ve got you covered.
The answer to Heardle 73, released on May 9th, 2022 is Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity.
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Welcome to our guide “Prey: How To Find The Golden Gun?”. Prey’s Golden Gun does greater damage and shoots more softly than the silenced pistol. Here’s how to get one.
Begin in the lush Arboretum. Go towards the looking glass watching area and grieve about the damaged scene selector. Next, destroy it. Step over the pieces and go down the tube. Fear not by the scary falling boxes, but get ready for the two mimics which will appear. Once they’re gone, use the GLOO Gun to make a path up the shaft.
Climb up to find a crate full of treasures, but most importantly, the remnants of Julien Howard. The transcription about producing a superfruit will add another audio log to your inventory. Now you can listen to Captain Jada Marks’ audio log to Marietta Kyrkos. Her request is simple: deliver her Golden Gun on the Bridge. You’ll get the keycode, so complete what Kyrkos began.
Go into the Crew Quarters and ask Zachary West for the keycard to Deep Storage. Go downstairs to the foyer, head left, then forward to the Crew Cabins A. Get rid of the electro phantom as well as the mimic first. To the right is Captain Mark’s cabin. Open the door and use the keycode to open the safe. Awesome! You have her golden gun.
So, this was our guide “Prey: How To Find The Golden Gun?”. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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Welcome to our guide “Prey: How To Find Kimberly Bomo’s Corpse In The Maintenance Tunnel?”. In this guide we will show you how to look for the Arboretum access code in the Prey Detour quest.
The maintenance tunnel code in Prey is important to complete the Detour quest, as you will be unable to go further across the corpse-filled “G.U.T.S. Zero-G” tunnels without it. Kimberly Bomo, like several other dead crew members, has this code. That doesn’t imply she can’t help you with this task. In Prey’s Detour mission, a locked door leads to the Arboretum. It’s difficult to get through without the randomized access code. To find these digits, you must locate Kimberly Bomo’s body.
To find Kimberly Bomo’s body, first proceed down the tunnel to the closed door. Turn around keeping the head up, to the open grating with the turquoise pipe behind it. Ensure that the keypad is to your right. There’s a flame coming from a pipe slightly above it and a set of headphones floating near it, if you want another visual indication. Turn around and travel down to the blue part of the pipe where Kimberly Bomo appears to be floating slightly below it. She’s behind a few cystoid nests, so if you haven’t already, prepare to shoot them. Those explosive cystoids are attached to the slender white pipe and the bigger white pipe having the blue painted part. Then just retrieve the code from her corpse. Beware of the bouncing cystoids in the following tunnel.
So, this was our guide “Prey: How To Find Kimberly Bomo’s Corpse In The Maintenance Tunnel?”. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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Welcome to our guide “Prey: How To Enter The Morgue Without Using A Keycard?”. In this guide we will show you how to get to the morgue without using Typhon’s abilities.
Prey’s “The Corpse Vanishes” is among the most strange side tasks you’ll find while exploring the space station. This may sound like a scary task, but finding the cadaver rewards you with a special chipset and some intriguing facts about your experience inside the testing laboratory. As is always the issue with Prey, the way is not straightforward. You’ll require the keycard of a dead Dr. Bellamy, but a closed door stands in your way. Fortunately, there is a workaround, and this post will teach you how.
We don’t normally condone any form of corpse pestering, but Prey will have you uneasy about rolls of the Charmin toilet tissue. Dr Bellamy’s body has been tracked to the Psychotronics Morgue, now the only thing standing in your way is a door. A closed door. You don’t really need alien powers to get in. Maybe smash the glass, transform into something harmless, and leap inside the morgue. However not everyone wants Typhon DNA in their blood. You have two options here – either shoot the switch with the huntress boltcaster after destroying the window or just wait.
The Engineering Operator allows itself within every half hour, that is at 2:00, 2:30, 3:00, 3:30 and so on. Just sneak behind it. Prey actually utilizes real time, so if you’ve missed the half-hour mark, move on. Or you can wait patiently by the door. Once inside, respectfully search Bellamy’s body for his keycard. With his keycard, you can enter his cabin within the Crew Quarters and learn exactly what kind of tests were conducted on you. You also get three neuromods, more information regarding the Typhons, and also the “Polyshield CRU chipset” for your suit.
We hope you liked our guide “Prey: How To Enter The Morgue Without Using A Keycard?”. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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