Virgin, TalkTalk and Plusnet are in competition for the best broadband deals

Whether you’re currently working from home, have a brand new console from Christmas to play with, or just finding yourself spending a lot more time with Netflix recently, now could be the perfect time to upgrade to new broadband deals.

And the good news is that if you need fibre level speeds, there is a host of plans offering impressive promotions. Right now, TalkTalk, Virgin, and Plusnet are vying for the top spot.

While all three are throwing in big cash incentives and dropping prices, Virgin stands out as the top choice. That’s because along with the £24 a month pricing and £70 voucher, Virgin can also net you speeds averaging 108Mb (incredibly fast in other words).

However, Virgin isn’t available countrywide and if you’re in one of those areas not connected, TalkTalk and Plusnet can step in with a suitable bargain. You can find out more about these three fibre broadband deals below.

These three broadband deals in full:

Virgin M100 Fibre Broadband: 18 months | 108Mb average speed | £24 per month | FREE activation + £75 Amazon voucher
Virgin already had one of the best fibre broadband deals around thanks to its £24 a month price tag, but now it’s even better. You can now also get a £70 Amazon voucher with your purchase. On top of that, there is nothing to pay upfront and you’re getting speeds averaging 108Mb. This is the best broadband deal out there…if you’re in an area that can get Virgin.
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TalkTalk Fibre 65 Broadband: 24 months | Avg speeds 67Mb | FREE activation | £23 per month + £70 voucher
TalkTalk’s Fibre 65 plan sits comfortably in the middle of these three deals. It offers speeds faster than Plusnet but is much more widely available than Virgin. With this plan, you’re getting speeds averaging 67Mb while only having to pay £24 a month. On top of that, like the other two deals here, you’re getting an impressive voucher of £70. This can be used on, Tesco, M&S, or as a Mastercard.
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Plusnet Fibre Broadband: 18 months | 36Mb avg speed | FREE upfront | £21.99 per month + £70 Mastercard
The cheapest of the three, this is perfect for those looking for fibre on a budget. You’re getting speeds averaging 36Mb while only having to pay £21.99 a month to get them. Like the other options here, Plusnet has a cash incentive to throw in, offering a £70 Mastercard. When you take that into account, you’re effectively paying just £18.10 a month.
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Today’s best broadband deals:

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