Virat Kohli Fans Feel Babar Azam Was Scared To Get His Century Vs England With A Six


When it comes to Virat Kohli and Babar Azam, fans will do anything in their power to draw parallels between the two, prove the dominance of one over the other, and construct the weirdest cases to show why their pick of player is better than the other one.

On Thursday, Pakistan had an exceptional 10-wicket victory against England, during which, the opening duo of Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan chased down England’s 199-run total without the loss of any wickets.

Amid the incredible feat, the Pakistani skipper, Babar, who had been struggling with his form in the last few matches, shut his critics down with a 66-ball century, whilst hitting 11 fours and five sixes – A mighty innings through and through.

However, when it came to completing his century, Azam decided to play it safe and not go for a big shot. He simply nudged the ball and took a single to reach the other side of the pitch before celebrating the moment with his batting partner.

Unfortunately for Virat Kohli fans, Babar’s 66-ball century wasn’t impressive enough. Despite his thunderous performance, the only thing they were fixated on was the fact that Babar completed his ton with a single.

In order to further water down the Pakistani skipper’s achievement, they started comparing it with the way Virat Kohli reached his 71st century against Afghanistan during India’s last match of Asia Cup 2022.

The emphasis was also on the fact that Kohli swung for the fences despite being under the immense pressure of getting over this century drought of three years.

Here’s how other Kohli fans reacted to the comparison:

However, if it wasn’t obvious yet, Babar fans were not really leveling up with the thoughts of Kohli’s fans. They brought to notice the fact that Kohli scored a century against the Afghanistan side, a considerably weaker opponent than England.

They also expressed how the match in which Kohli scored had no impact on the tournament or India’s progressions, whereas, Babar’s efforts led to the series tying at 1-1 against the Three Lions. 

Then there was also this out-of-the-blue notion that the BCCI paid off the Afghans to let the Men in Blue win the match and let Kohli score his century, but we don’t have to talk about that here…