video completo del menor filtrado – This is the pack of filtered video of El menor that is shared on social networks

“The Minor did 419032852035 things wrong, but just now they say that his career is going to sink (due to the leak of a sex video) only shows how short-minded many freestyle fans are” this is the comment of a user on Twitter before the leak of a private video of the minor that has quickly become a trend.

Freestyle rap artist who competed on the FMS Chile circuit. In March 2020, his fellow rapper Trueno gave him his spot at FMS International.His real name is Efraín Reeve Barria. 

In 2017, he competed in the underground Kuarta Mastery contest.  

His stardom as a battle rapper has earned him more than 800,000 followers to his elmenorroficial._free24.7 Instagram account.

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