Vator Tech Days – Technologies of Tomorrow

Vator Tech Days – Technologies of Tomorrow is the last and final event in the Vator Tech Days series 2021. At the event, you will have the opportunity to meet some of the most exciting companies working with the technology of the future in renewable energy and sustainable innovations.

Among the participating companies are PowerCell Sweden, Soltech Energy Sweden, Re:Newcell, Nexam Chemical, Ljusgårda, Minesto, JonDeTech Sensors, Swedish Stirling AB, OXE Marine, Sivers Semiconductors Resolution Games and Pharem Biotech.

0:00 Broadcast start
9:17 Vator Securities welcome address
19:17 Soltech Energy Sweden
39:17 Renewcell
1:03:04 Nexam Chemical
1:23:36 Ljusgårda
1:41:21 Minesto
2:02:59 JonDeTech
2:26:37 Resolution Games
2:49:14 Pharem Biotech
3:59:17 PowerCell Sweden
4:22:34 Swedish Stirling
4:48:24 OXE Marine
5:08:58 Sivers Semiconductors

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