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One research by motoring group for UK show say di price of second hand cars continue dey increase for rates wey dem neva see before.
Di AA Cars company say more pipo dey consider to buy used cars sake of low supply of new vehicles.
"Three to five-year-old Ford Fiestas, wey be di most popular for AA Cars website, don cost £9,770 compared to £7,448 wey dem dey sell am two years ago", di company tok.
Industry figures show say "nearly new" used cars now dey on particular high demand.
E get a number of factor wey don make di price of used car go up
Global shortage of computer chips wey dem dey use in car production, plus oda materials like copper, aluminium and cobalt, don lead to fewer new vehicles rolling off production lines.
Wey don make more buyers dey turn to di used-car market. wey don push up prices.
"Di shortage of new cars dey linked to lack of parts", di oga of Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) for di UK, Mike Hawes tok.
"Wen lockdowns force production lines to stop, microchip manufacturers divert di chips wey dem go normally use for new cars to di consumer electronics market,"
Oga Mike say supply of new cars neva fully recover.
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Marshall Motors, wey be one of UK top ten car dealerships, tell BBC say im don record revenue and underlying profit for di first half of di year.
Chief executive Daksh Gupta say di company don "see exceptional market tailwinds for di used car market" as a shortage of computer chips reduce di numbers of new cars on di market.
"Ultimately wetin dis one don do be say e don push di price of used car up significantly," im tell BBC Radio 4 Today programme.
Im add am say e dey "difficult to tok" how long high demand for used cars go dey "because di whole situation dey linked to new car supply".
"Di position dey unclear and many manufacturers dey get to deal wit very complex production challenges," e tok. "We expect dis disruption to go well into 2022."
Nigeria no dey big on car production. Dis one mean say many dealers dey rely on importation of used cars from abroad.
If dem buy for higher prices for kontris like di UK- wey don already dey experience increase in prices of used cars, dem go dey forced to sell for higher prices afta importation.
For interview wit BBC Pidgin Director of one Nigeria Auto company, Abiodun Kazeem say di price of Used-cars from US wia im dey buy from, don increase.
"Since five months ago, we don dey experience about 50% increase in price wen we dey buy from auction for di US", di director of QOSBI Autos tok.
Oga Kazeem say di increase in demands from retailers na im dey cause price hike.
Im also add say "Di cost of shipping di cars to Nigeria don also increase sake of foreign exchange".
"Di lockdown don really affect our market, e don affect di economy", e tok.
Kazeem say di demand for used-cars in Nigeria presently no longer dey like before as most of im customers dey complain about di high price.
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