Ultimate Latency Reduction Technology, AMD vs NVIDIA

Today we dive deep into AMD’s and NVIDIA’s system latency reduction technologies. Grab a beer and some snacks to find out who lags less!

FYI: “Ultimate Latency Reduction Technology”

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0:00​ Intro
0:11​ The Issue
1:12​ Why an FPS-Limiter beats Anti-Lag & NULL
2:41​ NVIDIA Reflex
4:30​ AMD Boost
7:50​ Testing Methodology
8:32​ Results: Overwatch – NULL vs Reflex
11:05​ Results: Overwatch – NULL vs Anti-Lag
12:07​ Results: Overwatch – Reflex vs Boost
14:14 Results: Fortnite
15:09​ Results: Apex Legends
16:00​ Conclusion


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