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New York City is a true melting pot. The people and foods of dozens upon dozens of countries and cultures are represented there, which makes exploring the city an unforgettable adventure for any foodie! In this episode, I link up with a longtime friend to explore the incredible Jewish food scene in New York City!

I couldn’t do this tour without my good friend Jon Barr, an awesome travel YouTuber and former sportscaster who focuses on the amazing sights and foods of the Big Apple! We’d be kicking off our morning at Russ & Daughters in the East Village. It’s a staple and institution in Manhattan!

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Manhattan is the place where a lot of Jews got their start in the New World. I couldn’t wait to check it out! Inside we went with the Classic bagel with smoked salmon and scallion cream cheese.

You can also get lots of varieties of salmon, sturgeon, bagels with schmear, caviar, macaroons, tons of Jewish breads and pastries, and chocolates!

Outside, we enjoyed the bagel, which contained a precise amount of cream cheese and salmon. It was excellent! I loved the creaminess and the chives. The Nova Scotia salmon was super buttery and smoky and paired so well with the chewy bagel and cream cheese. It was the best bagel of my life!

After eating, we walked about 10 minutes between the Lower East Side and the East Village. It’s a great location for young people and hipsters. We continued down 2nd Avenue, which used to be called Yiddish Broadway!

Then, we arrived at B&H Dairy, which opened in 1938 and is a Kosher vegetarian place. It’s a tiny, traditional Jewish diner with a long counter. We started with some matzoh ball soup with carrots, noodles, and broth. My grandmother was Jewish and we’d eat it during Passover!

The matzoh ball was spongy and the soup itself was so delicious. It took me back to my childhood! I loved the vegetables and noodles. Next were the cheese blintzes, which are are almost like fried, rolled crepes.

It was a little sweet but savory, and the cheese was crumbly and flavorful. Then, we had some latkes, or potato pancakes. They’re popular during Hanukkah and are eaten with applesauce. The sweetness and savoriness together were unreal. It was very different from a hash brown and much crispier! They sell out of latkes every year during Hanukkah!

Next, we saw some challah french toast with cinnamon and bananas, but didn’t eat any, as we were already too full. Jewish food is super filling! But it was worth it—it was the best Jewish food Jon and I had ever eaten!

Then, I tried some challah bread, which is a super fluffy, buttery, and eggy bread. They make it fresh in-house, which is super rare! The great thing about the food is that it now reaches all races, ethnicities, and walks of life!

We ended with some knish, a popular Jewish dish especially in NYC. It’s a ball of dough that comes with gravy. This one was stuffed with sweet potato! It has a slight sweetness to it, but not overly so. The gravy was thick and added a savory element. But now I was full!

But then they brought out some pierogi! These are fried Polish dumplings that contain cheese, sauerkraut, mushroom, potatoes, spinach, and feta cheese. They’re served with sour cream. I loved the crispy exterior and the mix of hearty vegetables inside!

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