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Welcome to Trippy Paradise and today’s video is about the Top 5 Female Serial Killers, from mysterious serial Killers to racist serial killers, this is True Crime South Africa.

Now the question is Who are these Top 5 Female Serial Killers? To know watch this full true-crime South Africa documentary about them. I tried to discover the real truth about these Top 5 Female Serial Killers in this True Crime South African video.

Popular Top 5 Female Serial Killers are known for their extra barbarous and brutal crimes. South Africa is one of the countries with a high rate of violent crimes, especially in specific rural areas. One of the major reasons emigrants have departed from the country is the high crime rates. Some believe that the prevalence of Top 5 Female Serial Killers is caused by a less robust economy, weak infrastructure, crowding, and rapid urbanization

Who are the most ruthless Top 5 Female Serial Killers There are a couple of women who have committed the most brutal murders in South Africa. Who are they on this episode of True Crime South Africa?

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