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Published: Sep 21, 2022, 8:39pm
The price of gold is different across cities and states within the country. Forbes Advisor has put together the gold price of one and 10 grams of 24-Carat and 22-Carat pure gold in Ahmedabad today, as of 9:33 am.  
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Physical gold
The most traditional way to purchase physical gold in the form of jewelry, gold coin, or gold bar is by physically visiting the jewelry retailer’s shop while some also avail of eCommerce services. Financial institutions, such as banks and NBFCs, also avail of the facility to buy or invest in gold coins from their respective branches.  
Gold saving schemes
Retailers offer gold saving schemes which require individuals to deposit a certain amount every month as installments for a specific tenure. Depending upon the scheme’s requirement, upfront can be paid upon agreeing to pay the EMI and obtain the jewelry. Typically, jewelers offer to pay the last installment on the borrower’s behalf as a cash incentive.
Sovereign gold bonds
SGBs are bonds issued by the RBI via banks on behalf of the Government of India. One bond represents 1 gram of gold. RBI notifies the terms and conditions, calendar for subscription, its rate from. An individual can subscribe to a minimum of 1 gram of gold up to 4 kgs. The cost of sovereign gold bonds is calculated by taking an average of closing prices of gold for the latest three working days preceding the subscription period.
Digital gold
The method of buying gold digitally involves investing in small fractions as per convenience to access the yellow metal. The various forms of investing in digital gold include buying:
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Retailers: An individual can take their jewelry to retailers and sell it upon a certain amount by presenting the bill of purchase which also has information such as gold’s weight, as well as place and date of purchase, and its value at the time of purchase.
Gold loan: Financial institutions offer individuals to obtain a secured loan against gold as a collateral upon EMI plus interest. The interest rates on gold loans vary among banks on the basis of factors like weight of the jewelry, value (ranging from 18K to 24K), repayment period, to name a few..
Gold prices in India vary among cities and states in India due to factors including transportation costs, discount on bulk purchase, cost added by jewelers, taxes, among others. Today’s price of gold in the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat is INR 4,574 for 1 gram of pure 24K gold and INR 4,193 for 1 gram of pure 22K gold.
Purity is among the most important parameters when buying gold. The 22K gold is one of the three types of hallmark gold that has 91.6% purity. 916 gold is a 22K gold used to make gold ornaments as pure as possible for making jewelry in India.
Yes. For instance, the GST is applicable on the sale of gold by jewelers or retailers and this cost is passed on to the end consumer. 3% GST is currently charged on physical gold purchases. Click here to know more about how gold is taxed in India.
Gold rates vary among Indian cities and states due to factors including transportation costs, discount on bulk purchase, cost added by jewelers, taxes, among others.
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