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Simple Mobile Tools is a developer of high quality open source Android applications, which are available as free and paid versions on Google Play. The tools are excellent replacements for native Android applications that are included by default on the device.

I reviewed Simple Gallery Pro, a Google Photos alternative, some time ago here on this site and liked it a lot. The apps come with zero tracking and require only permissions that are needed for their functionality. All apps are rated highly on Google Play
Note that these applications are also available on F-Droid, and that the Google Play Store versions may have features that the F-Droid versions don’t have.
If you check out the Simple Mobile Tools page on Google Play right now, you will notice that all Pro apps are currently available for free.
These are:
A click on the install button installs the selected version of the application on the Android device. The applications are excellent replacements for Google apps that come with most Android applications out there.
Note that you can make a donation on the official homepage to support development of these applications, if you like them. You can also check the developer’s free applications using the provided link above.
Now You: do you have favorite developers or applications? Feel free to name them in the comments below!
Hello Martin.
I would point out that the title to the article from this page is misleading, as one would expect information that All Simple Mobile Tools Android apps are currently offered free on Google Play, but it is not truly the case. Notably, the Simple Thank You app ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.simplemobiletools.thankyou ) is currently offered for a fee in all regions that I have tested.
The Simple Thank You app is an unlocker plugin style app. The app is used to unlock the full features of various apps, which I believe includes also the “Pro” named versions for current versions (I think many older versions might not have had the restriction). The most notable feature that is supposed to be unlockable with the Simple Thank You app is changing the color scheme (the default Simple Mobile Tools apps color scheme is rather ugly and dark). As derivable from the description of the Simple Thank You app on its Google Play page, one should be able to also set a theme in the Simple Thank You app and have the theme be utilized in other Simple Mobile Tools apps.
Hi, I just checked two apps, and both allowed you to change the theme from dark to several others or custom. There was also an option to apply this new theme to all Simple Apps, but this was indeed reserved to the Thank You App.
Even if Simple Thank You is paid, which it should be IMO, the only difference it makes is theme change. Other than that everything is same, so no big deal.
So what ? You still get the apps for free. Just not the unlocker which doesn’t really matter.
Good stuff, thanks for the tip!
I have a few of the basic apps installed. Tried a couple of the Pro versions. They are irritating. They are less simple. You cannot set the colours the way it’s advertised. Default “adjustable” colours are not really adjustable and the defautl values you can choose from are not good. There is supposed to be a custom theme, but it’s not really custom.
The whole system itself is complicated to understand. First simple simple and free, now simple simple and not updated, then simple, pro and paid, then simple, pro and free for now (but will they pull the rug under you later and force you to pay ?), then “thank you” thing which is paid and gives extra features to free…
That’s anything but simple. I’m sick and tired of those Android apps which are more difficult to use than any good old Windows program.
I create a note, then I want to see the list of notes, where is the list of notes ? Nowhere. Damn silly dumb apps.
Yeah, the Play Store versions are a mess, add a Google or Fruit payment system and most anything blows up itself.
May want to uninstall them and download again from F-Droid.
They’re all free on F-Droid. I had no problem giving the developer a donation. These are mostly nice apps; dialer, contacts, gallery and particularly file manager. Simple notes is weird, I replaced it with Notepad on F-Droid, the one with the light blue icon.
I’ve used file manager, dialer and gallery for a few years. Anything to get rid of the stock android annoying data scraping apps. Signal for messages. Simple Keyboard is just a keyboard, no predictive anything, no emojis. A little too simple for me, I use Open Board, F-Droid again.
As is often the case, F-Droid apps are different from the Play Store apps, in how they install, otherwise the same in function and appearance. You need the Simple Thanks app to auto apply settings/themes to all apps.
One thing about F-Droid for those not familiar, I’d avoid the F-Droid app. It’s a messy, confusing thing that’s not needed for the apps to work but it does take care of auto updates if that’s your thing.

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