Tinder dumps Google, plans to new payment process free from Play Store


According to sources, Tinder decided to manage all payments on its platform outside of Google Play. By doing this, the world’s most famous dating app decides to rebel against the 30% commission charged by Google for all in-app payments.

Just as Spotify is trying to oppose commissions imposed by Apple, Tinder’s parent company is trying to do the same with Google. However, the latter has a clear advantage, since there is a huge difference between iOS and Android: the ability to install apps outside of the Play Store.

In practice, if everything goes according to plan, Tinder will no longer charge for its services through the Google Play platform, but users will be asked to enter their credit card information directly into its own payment platform. Consequently, if you decide to subscribe to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, don’t be afraid if you are asked for this information: the payment platform is still secure and managed in a private way.

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Fortnite immediately rebelled against Google’s commissions. / © AndroidPIT

What Tinder is trying to do is very reminiscent of the strategy implemented by Epic Games with Fortnite. The game, one of the most popular ever, could initially only be downloaded by Android users from the company’s official website. This way, Epic Games managed to avoid the 30% commission it would have had to pay Google for in-app subscriptions (and we’re talking about a lot of subscriptions).

The list of companies doing this does not stop there: last December, Netflix also decided to no longer allow its subscribers to pay using the Apple App Store.

How do you prefer to pay for in-app purchases?

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