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It is often normal to see iPhone users looking at a file Battery health from their smartphones. It’s something that Apple allows to do in IOS and that in Android is not in battery settings. know the Battery status It is very important to know if independence problems are derived from a problem Battery health. Today we tell you how to know the health of the battery in your device Android phone Thanks Very simple and free app.

By default, Android manufacturers do not include a section for «Battery health» in the device settings. It is hidden data and is only allowed to be visualized in some customization layers. It is not a big deal if you are using an app like the one we are going to show you today.
.’s app Ampere It is one of the few companies that spread on Google Play with enough quality that it can be trusted. There are hundreds of apps that promise to detect health and even repair battery or its cells using software. Our recommendation is that you try Ampere, as its data is more accurate than most alternatives.
This application provides many important information about Smartphone battery, including your health condition. Thanks to the results you will be able to know about it How is your mobile phone battery? and draw conclusions. If you notice less autonomy and notice poor battery health, you will indeed get an answer.
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the Battery change It is one of the simplest fixes that can be done on a smartphone. It is also one of the most effective when the device is a year or two old, as its battery is likely to be within range 70 or 80% of its total capacity.
It can save you to change the battery Improved performance as well as greater autonomy daily. It is a repair that you can do yourself at home with some tools and steps.
And Ampere tells you that Your battery health It’s one of the best investments you can make Buying a new battery and change it. If you go to a specialty store, they will definitely charge 40-50 euros/dollars for doing so.

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