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If your dog could talk, what would it say? Well, thanks to the PetPuls AI-powered dog collar, you can get a glimpse into your pup’s state of mind. Well, sort of, anyway.

Debuted at CES 2021, the PetPuls smart collar uses artificial intelligence and built-in microphones to track your dog’s barks and detect five different emotional states: happy, anxious, sad, angry, and relaxed.

But, is it really possible to quantify the emotions of our pets? We sat down to speak with the director of global marketing for Petpuls, Andrew Gil, about the super-smart dog collar.

According to Gil, PetPuls uses a database of more than 10,000 bark samples from 50 breeds of dogs in four different sizes, and the collar sends the information to an app on your phone via Wi-Fi, letting you know how your dog is feeling.

The collar also doubles up as an activity tracker, with a built-in accelerometer that calculates the number of calories your pooch has burned by the hour, day, week, or month.

Right now, Petpuls is in the midst of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, where you can pre-order it for a special early bird price of $79 (about £60 / AU$100), with US shipping estimated to start in August this year.
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Petpuls is the life’s mission of founder and CEO, Stella Jang, who became a dog lover at an early age with her first dog, Dali, a mixed Jindo breed that loved her fiercely and followed her everywhere.

Early in her career and while completing her master’s program at Ewha Women’s University, Jang created an online pet care/sitter service that became an instant hit among pet lovers and travelers alike. This success combined with Jang’s love of dogs and technology led her to believe she could create an IoT device with AI-driven data to help dog owners better understand their canine companions through a unique voice recognition system. Supported by an R&D team at Seoul National University, Jang developed Petpuls to unite all dog lovers and their families and create a safe, fun, and playful community.

Before Petpuls, Stella co-founded RWave, Inc. the parent company of Petpuls and a pet care service company. Originally created in 2017 as an AI- and IoT-based project for Petpuls now exists as a testament to her vision of uniting dog-loving families everywhere. She established Petpuls Lab INC. in 2019 and entered the U.S. market with a greater vision.

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