These Vodafone Google Pixel 5 and iPhone SE deals offer market-leading value

Whether your preference leans to Apple or Android, the retailer has an excellent option for you this weekend, with big discounts on both the Google Pixel 5 and iPhone SE.

Opt for Apple and you can choose between two plans – one with monthly bills at £23 and the other one £26. Either choice gets you a pretty strong data plan with a minimum of 18GB and the max you’ll have to pay upfront is just £9.99.

If you’re more interested in Google Pixel 5 deals with its 5G and high-end camera quality, there are two excellent options there as well. One costs £26 a month and the other £31 a month with a max upfront spend of £79.

With both Google Pixel 5 offers, will also give you £20 in cashback if you use the code PIXEL20.’s Google Pixel 5 deals:’s iPhone SE deals:

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