These Cyberpunk Artists Are Thwarting Surveillance Technology

“Technology is fun for a little bit and then it’s no longer fun.”

Meet the surveillance disrupters: Skitch is a maker of eyewear that defies facial recognition. Leo Selvaggio is an artist who has sacrificed his own identity to resist surveillance. Kate Bertash designs clothes that floods license plate readers with fake data.

For Brut, journalist Jessey Dearing spoke to three creators based in the United States who are using fashion and art to mess with surveillance. They talk to Brut about how they stay one step ahead of technology, create projects to thwart facial recognition systems and resist surveillance culture, and what it means to be the protector of privacy in a dystopian world.
If the Big Brother culture is unavoidable, these disruptors are here to make the job of surveillance systems a little harder, a little more annoying.

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