These are the top four Google Pixel 4a deals you can pre-order right now

Google Pixel 4a deals are the latest budget phone bargains to hit the market, providing Google’s famous camera specs and features at a heavily reduced price. But what is the best deal to pre-order?

Unlike some other launches, there is a lot less choice available with Google Pixel 4a deals. With just one colour, one storage size and no XL model currently available, you simply need to choose the deal with the best data cap and price for you.

Luckily, we’ve done a lot of the hard work for you by tracking down the best mobile phone deals that have come from the Pixel 4a launch so far. Below we’ve gathered the top pre-orders.

1. Big vouchers from Carphone Warehouse:

2. Bargain monthly bills on the Pixel 4a:

3. The best Google Pixel 4a on EE:

4. Go big on data:

What is the Google Pixel 4a like?

The Google Pixel 4a has one key factor going for it – it’s affordable. Considering its £349 RRP, the 4a comes in at a similar cost to other budget devices like the OnePlus Nord or the Samsung Galaxy A71.

At that low price, Google has managed to maintain some strong specs. It features a 3140mAh battery, higher than other Pixel devices, and while it only has one camera lens, this is a powerful piece of kit with Google’s high-end software boosting its ability.

While it lacks wireless charging and has a slightly cheaper design, the Pixel 4a could be the perfect phone for those on a budget.

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