There's a New Wordle-Like Game That Has Players Guess the Price of NYC Apartments – NBC New York

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Think you’re good at looking at New York City apartments and guessing the rent? There’s new “Wordle”-like game that can put that to the test.
Real estate-savvy NYC residents can start playing “Lord of the Rent” to see just how good their skills really are.
It’s essentially a play on the massively popular word game “Wordle,” but instead of letters, users have to guess the price of an apartment.
The site provides basic info for the abode, like neighborhood, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, amenities and whether pets are allowed. The players get to guess how much it might cost.
Here’s an example: In a recent round, the game listed a one-bedroom unit on the Upper East Side. Got a guess as to how much the game said the apartment went for?
If you said $3,000 a month, maybe you’ve got what it takes to play.