The Undertaker gives one of the greatest WWE Hall of Fame speech ever


Is the Undertaker making his comeback to WWE Ring? That is a question that fans will be asking before the two days of Wrestlemania get underway in Dallas. The Undertaker on Saturday was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in a star-studded ceremony that took place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas as part of WrestleMania Week.

Undertaker’s induction to the WWE Hall of Fame was done by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon as the crowd gave a standing ovation to the legendary wrestler as he walked toward the ring. During the Hall of Fame induction speech, Undertaker recalled his wrestling journey and the relationships he made along the way, thanking his family, friends, fans before teasing a return to the ring.

Undertaker Hall of Fame: ‘The Phenam’ delivers an emotional speech

The Undertaker whose real name is Mark Calaway in his WWE Hall of Fame speech said, “For the last 30 years, my identity has been ‘Undertaker.’ The Phenom, The Deadman, the American Badass, and the taker of souls. Tonight, I’m gonna take you behind the curtain and meet the man behind the black hat, Mark Calaway. I wanted to show you the same respect you’ve shown me for so many years.”

While thanking the fans for their support towards the character he played for nearly 30 years in WWE, Undertaker said, “My first thank you is to you. You were the motivation I needed many nights. Whether I was in the ring or outside, my actions matter.” 

Calaway, in his speech also spoke about the Godfather and his manager of early years, Paul Bearer. Speaking of Godfather he said, “We’ve been friends for over 30 years. We’ve drunk gallons of Jack Daniels and fought each other over hats, watches and anything you can imagine, but I always knew you had my back. Who puts cucumbers in a man’s drink? An evil man, that’s who”.

Undertaker also spoke about Vince McMahon as a boss and father figure. He said that Vince told him perception is reality, and the reality is that everyone in the arena and everyone backstage thinks Taker is “an a******”. He said in that moment he knew Vince was right. Taker said that he isn’t proud of his actions that night and he had to learn the hard way that perception really is reality. This became his first mental move and throughout his career he always reminded himself, in or out of the ring, that actions matter.

He also said that the Undertaker can now ‘Rest in Peace’ after entering the WWE Hall of Fame. However, before exiting the ring Mark Calaway, took a look at the various outfits throughout his career which were placed inside the ring and wore one of them along with his iconic coat and hat, and said, “Never say never,” seemingly teasing a return to the ring.