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Being with family over the holidays is wonderful for so many reasons, but free tech support is somewhere in the top five.
For some people, this year is the first time they’re getting together with extended family since the coronavirus pandemic began. That means many less tech-savvy members of your group may be overdue for some basic tech maintenance.
If you have elderly parents who need some tech support or you’re the one in the family bombarded with tech support questions when you get together, we’re here to assist. The Help Desk has made a list of some essential things everyone should do on their phones, tablets computers and TVs. We also spoke to Jarrod Maxfield, owner of computer store Necessary Technology in Portland, Maine, about the most common issues he runs into and how to avoid them.
Doing these tasks can save money and prevent hacks or future issues that are too hard to fix over the phone. Fit them in between meals, rounds of Uno or naps with the family dog.
This list is written as instructions for the person making the changes. If you’re not that person and would like someone to take care of these things for you, send them this story or subtly print it out and leave it on the pillow in the guest room for when they arrive. Or you can, of course, get started doing them on your own.
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If you came across a tech support problem you couldn’t solve, let us know! We won’t show up in person to turn it off and turn it back on, but we’ll do our best to get to the bottom of it:
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