The Tech Pub Quiz | Episode 01

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Is your tech knowledge so good that Tim Cook calls you for help with pub quiz questions? Or do you reckon you’ve got a photographic memory for app logos? If so, we’ve got a challenge for you tonight – The Tech Pub Quiz

That’s right, we put together some fiendishly difficult tech-themed questions on everything from gadget history to the latest Netflix shows, then challenged the finest minds on the TechRadar team to answer them. Reckon you can do better?

Hosted by TechRadar’s Global Editor in Chief Gareth Beavis, the quiz has four rounds – a general knowledge opener, a ‘retro tech’ round for nostalgists, followed by the mandatory picture round, and finally some tricky questions on TV, games and films to finish off.

Think of it as an Easter Egg hunt for your brain, as you frantically search around for long-buried facts in the overgrown foliage of your mental garden. This quiz is purely for fun, so there’ll be no prizes or marked answer sheets – just grab a notes app on your phone, or a pen-and-paper for an old-school pub quiz feel, and play along with your quarantined family and friends.

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