The Productivity market's new unicorn,, doesn't seem to be slowing down

When your business is worth $1.9 billion you might consider taking a well-earned break. Not it’s just raised another $150m of funding so it can make even more people happy.

If you don’t already know the award-winning, you’ll be glad we introduced you. It’s an intuitive, fast and incredibly flexible platform for team collaboration, file sharing, project planning and milestone tracking, and it’s making over 350,000 people happier in organisations as diverse as the Discovery Channel and Carlsberg. From the smallest startup to the biggest business, will change the way you get stuff done.

Everything you need, wherever you go isn’t like other teamwork tools. It’s not just about giving you tools that work, although of course it does that beautifully; it’s about providing a product that people genuinely love to use and that really helps them whether they’re in the office or if they’re out and about. It’s designed to make everybody’s day better, each and every day.

What delivers is everything you need to get things done no matter where you are and what hardware you’re using.

It switches seamlessly between PC, phone and tablet. It integrates tightly with the cloud services you’re already using. And it gives you a completely customisable environment that does exactly what you need to do. No fuss. No hassle. Just effortless communication and collaboration.

Always evolving is always evolving and adding useful new features. That’s because every day is about answering one key question: how can we make people’s lives easier?

That’s where the dashboards came from.’s dashboards are unique: they give you a birds-eye view of everything you need to know, and they’re completely customisable to suit your style. From creatives to CEOs, everybody gets the information and tools they need delivered in the way that suits them best.

Think of as a digital office, available 24/7 from wherever you are and on whatever device you have any. It gets rid of those tedious email chains, duplicated documents and missing materials; instead, everybody can share the important stuff with each other, with clients or with other relevant parties such as suppliers and partner organisations.

Better days for everybody’s incredible flexibility means it’s an asset to any team, in any kind of business, in any industry, anywhere. has more than 350,000 users from all around the world who appreciate its unbeatable combination of innovation, power and ease of use.

Because it’s so customisable, and because that customisation is so easy to do, is a boon to any business.

If you’re a creative agency you can use it to collaborate with your team, track your clients and stay on top of payments.

If you’re doing agile development you’ll love the way it makes planning, roadmaps and bug tracking so much easier.

If you’re in HR or marketing, project management or customer relationship management you’ll love how it makes every day easier.

And no matter what sector you’re in, you’ll appreciate the fact that it’s fully GDPR-compliant, highly secure and utterly reliable.

Easy like Sunday morning

One of the things that makes so popular is its ease of use. Forget wading through manuals or trying to stay awake through training sessions. feels instantly familiar.

That’s because is laser-focused on the end user: like you, it knows that there’s no point in having lots of power if it’s a pain to access it. Everything you see and click on has been designed with speed and simplicity in mind.

Setting up a new space is just a matter of picking one of the professionally designed templates, telling it what you want to track – which could be people, products or payments, or anything else that matters – and telling it who you want to share it with. It’s that simple, and if you ever feel you need a little help there’s 24/7 customer support from real-life, happy-to-help humans as well as tons of online information including illuminating articles, entertaining tutorials and a wealth of webinars.

Weeks start better with is the go-to workplace for more than 80,000 teams in 201 different industries all over the world. Those teams are more engaged, more collaborative and more on top of their work than ever before. can help make your people happier too. Click here to discover how.

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