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updated: September 19, 2022

updated: September 19, 2022
Grabbing a pint during a professional football game can cost a pretty penny. Depending on your stadium of choice, a measly 16-ounce pour could set you back as much as $15.
As the 2022 football season kicked off earlier this month, sports betting platform compiled a list of costs by stadium location. The website gathered beer prices from every NFL stadium, converting them to a 16-ounce size for the sake of consistency, and found the NFL average to be $9.56 per pint.
On top of the money spent on tickets and game day snacks, a couple brewskies can rack up the bill — especially for those in Pennsylvania. When cheering on the Eagles, a couple of fans might pay $29.33 for two 16-ounce beers — the highest in the country. That’s almost $15 per beverage.
Things aren’t much cheaper for those attending Los Angeles Rams home games, where grabbing a single beer could run you up to $13.75.
Falcons fans are in luck, though; a similar beer costs around $6 at the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta.
How does your home turf measure up against national stats? Keep reading for every NFL stadium’s average beer price.