The OnePlus 8, Galaxy S20 and Apple’s $400 wheels | Noise Cancelling Podcast 001

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Unpopular opinions, news and tech reviews as Gareth and Sherri are joined by James Peckham, Phones Editor at TechRadar, to discuss the Galaxy S20, why iPhones might be forced to have a removable battery – and why cloud gaming isn’t ready for the big stage…

Here are your headlines for the show:

The OnePlus 8 Exclusive! –

Why are Galaxy S20 sales off to a slow start? –

Apple’s Mac Pro $400 wheels have a serious flaw… –

GeForce Now loses acclaimed indie game developer in latest setback –

Microsoft Surface Duo scheduled to ship this summer –

Google IO has been cancelled… –

iPhones might be forced to have a removable battery –

The Asus ExpertBook B9450 is our longest-lasting laptop ever –

Apple has to pay up to $500m in damages for slowing down iPhones – can you claim?

This week’s UNPOPULAR OPINION: Why isn’t VR better?

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