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10/05-2022 20:19

(Law 10/05/2022 20:55)

Johannes Huber was a guest on “Vorarlberg Live” on Tuesday.

Johannes Huber, journalist and political blogger, was on “Vorarlberg LIVE” on Tuesday and spoke about the WKStA investigation and mobile portal about LH Markus Wallner.
The WKStA has initiated preliminary proceedings against Governor Marcus Wallner, Karlheinz Rödeser, and Marco Tettler. Claims are the acceptance of advantages and acceptance of the advantages of influence. The country rejected the information that Wallner’s tablet and cell phone had been deleted. It’s a “routine swap”. The data was not deleted either, Markus Wallner confirmed at a press conference today.
Journalist and political blogger Johannes Huber spoke about this on Tuesday on “Vorarlberg LIVE”.

The greens are in trouble

The Vorarlberg Green Party is in a difficult situation. There is a lot at stake. Journalist Johannes Huber is convinced of this. “If you support a vote of no confidence in Governor Markus Wallner in the state parliament, you win your honor, but you’ve lost all your power,” Huber notes in Vorarlberg LIVE. “At the federal level, the Greens would almost have found themselves in a similar situation if Sebastian Kurz refused to resign in the fall.” As is known, the chancellor at that time preferred to resign voluntarily than to be voted on again.
According to Huber, the fact that Wallner apparently tried to delete his cell phone created a disastrous picture. And if it was just a routine exchange: in the context of a scandal that had been growing for some time, the governor’s office should have refrained from such an exchange.

Johannes Huber talks about employee shifts in the federal government

Chancellor Karl Nehamer (ÖVP) is using the resignations of Margaret Schrambuck (Company) and Elizabeth Kostinger (Agriculture) for a major restructuring in government. He transferred the economy to Minister of Labor Martin Kocher – and brought three new people to the team: Farmers’ Association director Norbert Tuechnig, a Tyrolean, became Minister of Agriculture. The Department of Business will be abolished, but there are two new Ministers of State.

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broadcast “Vorarlberg LIVE” It is a collaboration between VOL.AT,, Ländle TV and VOL.AT TV and is broadcast Monday through Friday from 5 pm. there is more here.
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