The latest PS Plus deals are offering 12 month membership for 49% off

PS Plus deals are cutting 49% off the price of 12 month memberships this week, a fantastic deal if you missed out on the weekend’s half price offerings. Not only that, but if you’re after a shorter subscription you can also save 40% on a three month code as well. Cheap PS Plus deals mean you can avoid those pesky auto-renew prices and grab months of goodies as well. 

A year of free games, online multiplayer and exclusive discounts comes in at just $30.89 right now, down from a $59.99 MSRP. Or, you can spend even less and grab a three month membership for $15.09. Either way you’re getting a fantastic half price discount. 

This 12 month PS Plus deal was 50% off over the weekend, but prices have only jumped by 80 cents since then. We usually see these PS Plus deals sitting at between 40 and 50% off, and prices jump back up pretty quickly with popular demand so it’s best to grab them while you can. If you’ve missed it, however, you can usually get a decent deal through this retailer, or you can always check the best PS Plus prices and sales as well. 

Note that these codes will only work in the US.

PS Plus deals 50% off

PS Plus 12 month membership | $59.99 $30.89 at CDKeys
12 months of online gaming, free titles, and exclusive discounts for 49% off? That’s an excellent PS Plus deal saving you $30 on a full year of PlayStation highlights.
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PS Plus 3 month membership | $25.19 $15.09 at CDKeys
If you’re just topping up your subscription, or want a taster of what PS Plus has to offer, this three month membership may be better suited. You’re saving 40% here, with the final price coming to just $15.
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