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JMA Mobile Recruiter in Action with President John Allan
JMA Mobile Recruiter in Action with President John Allan
“Unemployment rates are going down, with 6.3 million unemployed and 10.6 million job openings. Where did everyone go?” says CFC Underwriting author.
An unprecedented, unpredictable job market is here to say the least.
Many trends are circulating now. We’ve seen an increase in early engagement with job candidates. Companies are actively building relationships with job seekers. A greater emphasis has been placed on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Screening is becoming more advanced and detailed.
Now, we are seeing an inevitable new wave of hiring and recruiting.
JMA Placement, a forward-thinking staffing agency with 12 offices across 4 states and contract-to-hire and direct hire placement, has just founded a revolutionary way to attract, interview, screen, and hire in one day in one place: the JMA Mobile Recruiter.
The agency has crossed convenience with expertise and come up with a plan… a plan on wheels, meant to travel to various locations around Georgia including Dalton, Cartersville, McDonough, Conyers, and more.
This will benefit both parties: those who need a job, and those who need to hire. 
John Allan, President of JMA Placement, says, “it’s a competitive market and we think ‘outside the box’ to differentiate ourselves from other agencies… our passion is finding the right position and fit for both the associate and the client.
As businesses learn to phase out of the pandemic and phase into a new beginning, the goal of JMA is to bring direction and clarity to the hiring and recruiting world, and to solve everyday struggles that we are all facing.
Allan also says, “job seekers may not know where to go, to find a job. Some are new workers, laid off, etc., and with rising gas prices, they may not want to drive to look for a job – we are coming closer to them in their community. On the other hand, we also want to make it easier to connect our candidates with companies and positions that will help them not only financially, but also grow in their careers.”
Whether you are a job seeker or a business with an immediate need to hire, JMA Placement’s new Mobile Recruiter could be the answer. 
Contact their team here to learn more about their RV hiring experience.

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