The History of Automation & The Technological Revolution [Documentary] – Knowledge video

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This video is the culmination of documentaries that cover the history and origins of computational automation as well as the technological revolution, that being how those in the past dreamed of a brighter future, fueled by technology!

Please note, if you want more documentaries of this nature you can find them by searching the term, ‘Retrofuturism’. Also note, other great documentaries not included in this video:

Modern Production (1960):
1999 A.D. (1967):

0:44 – This Is Automation (1955)
27:58 – To New Horizons (1940)
50:42 – All-Electric House (1959)
1:02:12 – Machines: Master or Slave (1945)
1:18:14 – Modern Manufacturing (1963)

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