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Our best smartphone list brings you 5 of the top phones available right now, but if you already have your mobile OS allegiance set you may want to check out either our ranking of the best Android phones or best iPhones.

If what’s on offer in our best smartphone list is a little too pricey for your taste, then don’t fear, as we’ve also got a list of the best cheap phones available right now.

This is the highest we’ve ever had Oppo rank on our best phone list, and that’s because the Oppo Find X2 Pro is the most accomplished phone from the manufacturer so far.
The Best Deals:
(US) Oppo Find X2 Pro –
(UK) Oppo Find X2 Pro –

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is one of the largest phones there is, but this stylus-toting handset is our third favorite phone you can buy right now.
The Best Deals:
(US) Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus –
(UK) Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus –

The OnePlus 8 Pro blew us away when we reviewed it, and the company is chasing Samsung and Apple on our best phones list for that very reason. While the OnePlus 8 is also an option, it’s missing many of the features we like about the Pro, which we outline below.
The Best Deals:
(US) OnePlus 8 Pro –
(UK) OnePlus 8 Pro –

Want something a bit more from your iPhone? You’re in luck with the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, as they feature improved spec including a more high-end rear camera that can compete with the very best.
The Best Deals:
(US) iPhone 11 Pro –
(UK) iPhone 11 Pro –
(US) iPhone 11 Pro Max –
(UK) iPhone 11 Pro Max –

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the best smartphone available right now. That covers both the S20 and the larger Galaxy S20 Plus, as there’s very little difference between the two handsets aside from size and a couple of specs.
The Best Deals:
(US) Samsung Galaxy S20 –
(UK) Samsung Galaxy S20 –
(US) Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus –
(UK) Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus –

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