The Best Online Flowers Delivery Services On Valentine’s Day

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Get your Valentine’s Day flowers delivered online this year and avoid the drama of phoning florists on the day and listening to their cruel laughter as you ask if they can make a delivery that afternoon.

“I’ll just pick something up on the day” you say? Unless you get to your local florist first thing, or even the day before, you might not have much to choose from either. And no, petrol station flowers aren’t going to cut it. Do you really want to explain why your wilting bouquet smells of diesel?

Don’t panic though, because we’ve done our research and tracked down the best online flower delivery services in the UK (we’ve also covered the best options in the US). Delivery charges have been accounted for too, and we made sure to mention if you can allocate specific days for delivery. Some online florists charge extra for Valentine’s Day, which is to be expected really given the huge demand on the day.

Don’t forget, most of these flower deliveries won’t come with a vase despite the photos, although we have found one store that does clearly label some deals as coming with one for free.


Get Valentine’s Day flowers delivered on time


This florist has you covered for multiple Valentine’s Day delivery options. Options include everything from a single red rose (make it hover in a bell jar for extra points), huge bouquets, or if you’re wanting to avoid setting off those hay fever symptoms (despite reading an article all about flowers) you can get chocolates, balloons and more. Unlike most online flower delivery sites, we’re seeing multiple bouquets that come with a vase included, which is certainly better than a pint glass. Delivery prices for Valentine’s start from £5.95 although it may cost more if you leave it to the last minute.
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This store has been a specialist of personalised birthday cards for years now in the UK and it’s continued to find success with its other gift options. You’ll find tempting prices on flowers, gift sets and more on the site. It also includes Letterbox sets of flowers that can be posted through your door without you have to wait around at home. £4 for chosen day courier delivery seems very competitive too.
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Flying Flowers

This long-running florist boasts delivery of over 10 million bouquets delivered. So it’s no surprise to see a great selection of Valentine’s themed arrangements available in its vast selection. Delivery is FREE and you can allocate a delivery date which the site claims a 95% success rate for deliveries on-time. Hmm, 5% is a risk worth taking, right? What’s the worst that could happen?
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Bloom & Wild

If there’s one thing that makes Bloom & Wild stand out from most other online flower delivery services, it’s the excellent selection of Letterbox options. That’s right, specially selected flowers, carefully packaged in a box that’ll fit through your letter box. Ideal if you want to get the flowers set up at home in advance without having to wait around for delivery. Delivery is free most days, but will cost £6 to ensure arriving on Valentine’s Day.
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