The best cheap Apple Watch prices and sales in September 2020

Looking for the best Apple Watch prices and sales? We’ve got great news for you this week – Apple has just unveiled two brand new watches for 2020. That means not just two more watches to choose from, but lower prices than ever before on older devices. 

While the new devices are still in the pre-order stage, our weekly Apple Watch deals roundup is here to help you decide which watch is for you and potentially score you a great price on an older model.

The new Series 6 price starts at $399 / £379 for the GPS model, with the cellular-equipped model starting at $499 / £479 – both at the same initial asking price of last year’s Series 5. The brand new Apple Watch SE however, comes in at just $279 / £269 for the GPS model, and $329 / £319 for the cellular, making it a much more competitively priced device. Better still, If you’re not looking for the very latest model, you can still pick up a brand new Apple Watch Series 3 for as little as $199 / $199 right now.

With the announcement of the Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE, we should start to see prices dropped on the now discontinued Apple Watch 5 – which is still a great device with plenty of remaining stocks at retailers. What’s more, Apple has no plans to discontinue the venerable Apple Watch 3, so our budget watch of choice is going nowhere soon.

Below you’ll find all of the best Apple Watch sales we’ve found, from the Series 3 watch to the more recent entries. We also threw in a few places to buy Apple Watch bands a little cheaper than you can pick them up from Apple.

Smartwatches are usually featured in back to school sales as well, which means you’re shopping at the right time to grab a discount. 

Best cheap Apple Watch prices and sales

apple watch deals price sale: Series 6

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Apple Watch Series 6 deals

The brand new flagship from Apple

OS: watchOS 7 | Compatibility: iOS | Display: 40mm – 44mm always-on | Processor: S6 dual-core | Onboard storage: 32GB | Battery: 18 hours | Charging method: Wireless | IP rating: IPX7 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS

The latest Apple Watch, the Series 6, has just debuted over at the official Apple store for the introductory price of $399 / £379 – the same baseline costs as the 2019 Series 5. Pre-orders are live right now, with the release being on September 18th.

Apple Watch 6 prices are set right now, and we expect them to stay pretty constant for at least a month, although we should start to see some movement after more of the big retailers start stocking the device.

The new Apple Watch 6 comes with a few key upgrades over last year’s Series 6 – namely a new blood oxygen monitor (with accompanying app) and a brand new S6 dual-core processor, which Apple claims is 20% faster than last year’s model. Aside from these key upgrades, the always-on display is back but it’s been drastically improved with some neat new controls for notifications, allowing you to interact without fully waking up the watch. You’re also getting the latest watchOS 7 as standard with both the new Apple Watches, which is bringing a few new fitness features and a unique family sharing app that allows activities to be tracked across groups.

apple watch deals sales price: SE

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Apple Watch SE deals

A new mid-tier option from Apple

OS: watchOS 7 | Compatibility: iOS | Display: 40mm – 44mm | Processor: S5 dual-core | Onboard storage: 32GB | Battery: 18 hours | Charging method: Wireless | IP rating: IPX7 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS

The new Apple Watch SE is the other release from Apple this month and looks to be a more affordable alternative to the likes of the Series 6, coming in at a starting price of $279 / £269. Pre-orders are now live for a September 18th release date.

New key features include the latest watchOS 7, which will enable this device to access many of the new upgrades the more expensive Series 6 is rocking, but at a more affordable price point. Internally you’re also getting the same altimeter, gyroscope and accelerometer as the Series 6 – enough for all the main fitness apps, but you’re missing out on the brand new blood oxygen monitor. 

All in all, this watch is definitely more stripped down than the fancier Series 6, but considering you’re getting roughly the same amount of power on tap as the Series 5 at a lower price point and the new watchOS 7 – it’s excellent value.

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Apple Watch 5 GPS deals

Will be seeing price cuts very, very soon

OS: watchOS 6 | Compatibility: iOS | Display: 40mm and 44mm OLED | Processor: S5 dual-core | Onboard storage: 32GB | Battery: 18 hours | Charging method: Wireless | IP rating: IPX7 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS

The GPS Series 5 Apple Watch price is $399 / £399 / AU$649 for the 40mm size and cost $429 / £429 / AU$699 for the larger 44mm size. The GPS-only model is the cheapest new Apple Watch and lacks LTE connectivity. If you’re not interested in a cellular plan for your smartwatch, this model would be best for you.

The Series 5 smartwatch now features an Always-on Retina display – fixing one of users’ biggest frustrations with the previous models. The dimmed display will now display your current watch face at all times, lighting up when the watch detects the same wrist motion that would previously trigger the screen to wake. It also includes new location features like a built-in compass and an updated Map app. 

On release, many users started reporting a decrease in battery life quality in the Series 5, an issue that didn’t seem to improve by switching off the always-on display. This has since been resolved with the release of watchOS 6.1, suggesting that the battery-saving features of the always-on display weren’t the issue at fault. 

The Apple Watch 5 also offers improved safety features with the ability to make international emergency calls in over 150 countries, even without your iPhone nearby. Apple Watch sales on this latest model might be limited, but with Black Friday around the corner, you may be able to find the discount for you. 

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Apple Watch 5 GPS Cellular deals

Stream music and stay connected without your phone

OS: watchOS 6 | Compatibility: iOS | Display: 40mm and 44mm OLED | Processor: S5 dual-core | Onboard storage: 32GB | Battery: 18 hours | Charging method: Wireless | IP rating: IPX7 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, Cellular

The GPS and Cellular Series 5 Apple Watch price starts at $499 / £499 / AU$799 for the 40mm model and goes up to $529 / £529 / AU$849 for the 44mm size.

The Series 5 smartwatch includes LTE connectivity which allows you to get internet and phone connectivity on your watch even when your iPhone is far away. You can stream music, make calls, receive notifications with just your Apple Watch. Apple Watch sales rarely take the separate cellular plan you must purchase for your LTE enabled smartwatch into account, so make sure you factor that cost into your decision. 

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The Apple Watch Nike Series 5 includes GPS technology and has a starting price of $399 / £399 / AU$649 for the 40mm model. If you’re interested in GPS and cellular, the 40mm Nike+ Apple Watch price sits at $499 / £499 / AU$799. 

The Apple Watch Nike allows you to track your workouts and listen to audio-guided runs with the Nike Run Club app. The sporty smartwatch also includes a new face that was inspired by the classic Nike Windrunner jacket design. The Apple Watch Nike 5 features the Nike Sport Band that is made of compression-molded perforations for breathability and comes in new color choices that include Pink, Desert Sand, and Royal Pulse.

Apple Watch 4 deals

Yesteryear’s flagship can sometimes be a bargain

OS: watchOS 6 | Compatibility: iOS | Display: 40mm and 44mm OLED | Processor: S4 dual-core | Onboard storage: 16GB | Battery: 18 hours | Charging method: Wireless | IP rating: IPX7 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS

The Series 4 Apple Watch price changes across each of the four variations: 40mm and 44mm sizes, and with or without cellular / LTE service. The 2018 model carries a newer, slimmer design than the previous Series 3 Apple Watch, with an increased screen size to boot. That means a generally more pleasing experience, from checking the time to tapping through menus and apps on a larger screen. This design was unchanged through to the more recent Series 5 version, so if you’re just looking for a bigger, more usable screen than previous models, these Apple Watch sales are for you. 

That said, the Apple Watch Series 4 doesn’t have the always-on Retina display so if you’re looking to sneak a peek at the time you’ll have to do the full wrist motion which can get a bit awkward. If you’re choosing between the Series 4 and Series 3, you should also know that the Series 4 offers a 64-bit dual processor which doubles the speed of the previous model. 

Compared to the Series 5, the Series 4 has a lot going for it when you take its price tag into consideration. If you opt for the cheaper, slightly older model you’re only losing an improved optical heart sensor, the aforementioned always on display, and a compass application. 

Apple Watch 3 deals

A great watch at a lower price

OS: watchOS 6 | Compatibility: iOS | Display: 1.65″ OLED | Processor: S3 dual-core | Onboard storage: 8GB | Battery: 18 hours | Charging method: Wireless | IP rating: IPX7 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS Cellular

The regular Apple Watch 3 delivered minimal upgrade from the Series 2. Still, it remains a top-tier device in terms of fitness and longevity, with run and cycle tracking on board and a water-resistant casing for swimming, plus the a heart rate monitor on the underside. And the LTE version comes with cellular connectivity so you can use it independently from your phone. 

You will be losing some of the design benefits of the newer models by opting for this cheaper Apple Watch price. The smaller screen and case size doesn’t hold you back, but there’s a much nicer option on the market with the latest chassis designs. The watch itself is slightly thicker, and runs on an older processor that won’t have you blitzing through apps quite as quickly. 

Nevertheless, the Apple Watch 3 still stands as a strong smartwatch solution, especially if you’re looking for something cheaper to use for fitness or music only. It’s far more affordable than the later models while still offering the latest software, and, thanks to Apple’s continued support, it’s generally found at most retailers. Essentially, Apple Watch sales will centre around this essential feature set that offers amazing value for money. 

Is the Apple Watch price worth it? 

Apple’s hardware often comes with a high price tag, and the Apple Watch doesn’t fall far from the tree. That said, if you’re looking for a smartwatch to work with your iPhone no other brand comes close to offering the functionality of Apple’s own timepiece. While the Apple Watch price is still higher than many other brands, you’re paying for integration with a massive number of apps you’re already using on your iPhone. Plus, with all the Apple Watch sales happening and the recent software updates to older models, you can easily grab a great deal. 

Apple Watch band/strap deals

Bands are not one-size-fits-all-budgets

Your Apple Watch literally isn’t complete without the best deals on Apple Watch bands. They make the geeky smartwatch stylish enough to show off to late adopters.

In fact, you’re going to want multiple cheap Apple Watch straps simply because more elegant bands are far from ideal for the gym. Vice versa, Sport Bands don’t cut it at the fancy dinner table.

Everyday in the news, we see new cheap Apple Watch bands trying to become the de facto alternative to the more expensive, official Apple Watch bands, and they’re usually just as good. Trust us, buying a trio of third-party, lookalike Apple Watch bands for the price of one official strap is a relief after paying so much for the smartwatch itself. 

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