The 5 best Android widgets to customize your smartphone


Bored with your smartphone’s homescreen? Here are our top 5 picks for the best Android homescreen widgets, for all of the most essential categories: weather, battery, volume and brightness sliders, clock, and note-taking. Check them out below!

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Make the default homescreen (left) your own, with the Accuweather widget (middle) and the Battery Widget (right). / © AndroidPIT

Best weather widget: Accuweather

As well as being a fantastic weather app, Accuweather also comes with a widget. Well, more than one, since you can choose the size and whether you want it to be light or dark. From the smallest 1×1 widget, which shows just the city name, the current temp, and a little icon for the current weather, to the largest with a whole 3-day forecast, there’s sure to be a perfect weather widget for your homescreen with Accuweather

Best battery widget: Battery Widget 

Get a cute little battery for your homescreen which shows your current battery percentage, and even the current temperature of your battery. It’s color-coded in the obvious way: green means good, yellow means somewhat charged, and red means get to an outlet pronto. There are two different size options available, and I prefer the smallest one since it’s the least intrusive.

homescreen widget 2
Get a widget for brightness and volume (left), a chic custom clock (middle), and sticky note widget (right). / © AndroidPIT

Best volume and brightness widget: Slider Widget – Volumes

Get a slider bar for your homescreen for the media, alarm, and call volume, plus brightness and vibrate mode. You can have individual sliders for all of these, or just for one, two, four or six of them! The widget can be as compact or as wide as you want it, and it will blend in on your homescreen well thanks to its modern look.

Best time widget: Seven Time – Resizable Clock

Get a stylish, sleek clock widget for your homescreen with Seven Time. It’s fully resizable: just drag and drop to resize to the shape and size that looks best for your device. The default free design looks somewhat like a Samsung design meets Star Trek, or you can upgrade to the paid version and choose from a huge library of different looks.

Best sticky note widget: Simple Sticky Note Widget

If you want a no-nonsense Sticky Note widget, this is it. Drop it on your homescreen, adjust the size and shape to your liking, then you’re good to go. You can write up a to-do list, a grocery list, or just random things you don’t want to forget throughout the day with absolutely no fuss whatsoever. It’s the perfect widget to replace actual paper sticky notes and the clunky notes app that came with your phone.

What widget couldn’t you be without? Let us know in the comments. 

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