TelevisaUnivision’s ViX+ Debut Sweetened With T-Mobile Freebie To Attract New Users – Forbes

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Vix+, the premium tier of TelevisaUnivision’s new Spanish-language global streaming service will … [+] debut with several exclusive original series.
ViX+, the premium tier of TelevisaUnivision’s new global streaming service, is set to debut on July 21, in the U.S., Mexico and most of Latin America. The Spanish-language media company has been heavily promoting its new ad-supported SVOD platform and teasing exclusive premium tier original series available at launch, including María Felix, La Doña and La Mujer del Diablo.
The company announced access to ViX+ would cost $6.99 a month. But at a time when streamers are losing subscribers as many users are tightening budgets and trimming their discretionary spending as inflation and prices go up, convincing Spanish-language viewers to subscribe to a new service could be a little tough in the current market environment.
Well, just a day ahead of the Vix+ debut, a cell phone deal could be giving TelevisaUnivision the boost it needs to attract subscribers to the premium tier of its new global streaming platform.
T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile announced it will give a full year subscription of ViX+ on Us to its new and existing customers. The cross-promotion deal could end up giving both companies a boost from Spanish-language consumers.
“We understand what they care about, and today we’re bringing them a whole new way to enjoy the news, TV shows, movies and live sports that matter the most, and it’s all on us,” said Mike Sievert, president and CEO of T-Mobile.
It’s estimated that 80% of U.S. Hispanics watch digital video, more than any other group.
“ViX+ is the only service built exclusively to represent and serve the Hispanic culture,” stated Wade Davis, CEO of TelevisaUnivision. “And the collaboration with T-Mobile will be the first to bring this service to its customer base.”
According to TelevisaUnivision, more than 70 original movies and series have been produced for the first year of ViX+.