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Marvel’s Avengers is out right now so come join us as we play through some of the early campaign.

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When Crystal Dynamics announced it was delaying its Marvel’s Avengers game from its original May 15 release date to September 4, we have to admit, we sighed with relief.

Having played Marvel’s Avengers briefly before, and having spoken to the team working on the game, we were impressed with the ambition of the project. Playing the game the first time round, we were impressed with the care that went into crafting each Avenger and how their combat felt like we expected it to – and the future prospect of free DLC across all platforms and the ability to team up with others online suggested we may finally get to live out our superhero dreams.

But it wasn’t perfect, and off-brand-feeling character designs and an unclear roadmap had us somewhat worried. But perhaps the extra four months of development time would put these fears to rest, giving the team more time to flesh out a promising concept. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to have been the case.

The previous demos of Marvel’s Avengers gave us a somewhat superficial look at the game. The Marvel’s Avengers beta gave us a better look at the game’s single and multiplayer offering – and we’re pretty disappointed.

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