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Welcome to our guide “Tales of Wind: How To Get And Redeem Free Promo Codes?”. Here’s a short approach to get Tales of Wind free codes & redeeming them.
Redeem codes are given for updates, milestones, and other occasions. One of the coolest features of Tales of Wind is the frequent free promo codes. These codes are from the game’s Facebook page. Items such as Outfit Gacha Tickets, Shells, and Spirals can be claimed with redemption codes. Every day, a fresh redeem code is given. So players must redeem codes quickly. There are a lot of discount codes available right now, and we have them all covered. Redeem them all prior to their expiration. All working Tales of Wind codes listed here. Redeem these all to earn in-game rewards.
⦁ HelloApril – For 200 Spirals, 300K Shells and Outfit Gacha Ticket
⦁ MAYYOUHAPPY – For 200 Spirals, 300K Shells and Outfit Gacha Ticket
⦁ PURELOVE214 – For 200K Silverstar, 100 Spirals, 200K Shells and 2 Outfit Gacha Ticket.
Unlike others, Tales of Wind contains an in-game code redeeming facility. So you don’t have to travel to an external site, enter the codes, and then return to play to test them. Simply follow the procedures below to redeem codes & earn fantastic goodies.
⦁ From your app drawer, launch your Tales of Wind app.
⦁ To enlarge the menu, click the Menu symbol. It’s under the map symbol in the upper-right corner of the screen.
⦁ It will transport you to a next screen if you click on it. A blank box appears when you touch the Promo Code icon.
⦁ Copy & paste a working code in the empty box.
⦁ To get your prizes right away, tap Redeem Pack.
So, this was our guide “Tales of Wind: How To Get And Redeem Free Promo Codes?”. Please leave a comment below!

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Welcome to our guide “Salt and Sacrifice: What Is The Best Way To Farm Mages?”. When mages from Salt and Sacrifice are killed, they drop valuable crafting materials. This article explains how to farm these foes.
After completing a Mage search for the initial time, players can re-kill the foe. On future killings, there’ll be no clue, so fans will have to look for the opponent in the outdoors after returning from Pardoner’s Vale. Due to this, players must search for Arzhan-Tin beside the gatehouse on the right-side of the Ashbourne Village beginning spot, the Celus Zend over a Root-Ceil Cave, and so on. Players must attack a Mage as soon as they find it. A strike does hurt these opponents, so the Mage will fall after a lot of damage has been dealt. Fans must not expect to defeat a Mage in their first battle since it will teleport off swiftly.
If the Mage teleports, players must shift their character in that way to re-engage the adversary. After that, fans must simply pursue the Mage until it falls, at which point they are urged to rip out its heart. If a player still needs materials, they should go back to Pardoner’s Vale & respawn the Mage. Luckily, the Mages’ minions drop materials when killed, so fans can collect components while chasing them. It makes farming Mages a little less tiresome, since players can feel progress even while they aren’t actively attacking their target. It’s possible that some players might wish to keep the Mage alive to continue slaying their underlings.
So, this was our guide “Salt and Sacrifice: What Is The Best Way To Farm Mages?”. Feel free to leave a comment below! We post fresh content daily and if there is something specific that you would like us to cover then please do let us know about it in the comments section below. Your thoughts and opinions matter the most to us because they help us to serve you better. We are always looking forward to hear from you.

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Welcome to our guide “Star Wars The Force Unleashed: What Are The Best Power Crystals?”. Here are some of the best hidden power crystals from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for improving Starkiller’s Lightsaber.
The “Rubat Crystal” is the very first power crystal that players will discover, but this doesn’t make this crystal any less valuable. It increases Starkiller’s lightsaber damage, that’s always valuable no matter what playstyle you pick. It may be discovered on the topmost walkway in the Wing Lift Area, inside the Tie Fighter Factory.
The Ruusan Crystal seems to be a fantastic crystal for players that use their force powers extensively, which the game favors. It lowers the expense of utilizing Force Powers, giving Starkiller more leeway while deploying them in battle. The crystal is atop the roof of the bar within the bar area towards the entrance of Cloud City.
The Vexxtal Crystal seems to be a unique crystal that is extremely useful while battling in groups. Starkiller’s lightsaber attacks now have a chance to “infect” opponents with a damaging aura, causing them to do damage to enemies surrounding them for a brief time. Imperial Felucia is where you’ll find this Crystal. Following the second AT-ST within the Saarlac area, players should look for a crane with the crystal atop it.
The Sigil Crystal is a fantastic power crystal for Sith players. This crystal boosts the impact of all electrical assaults, especially Sith lightning. Imperial Raxus Prime has this crystal. The force dash can reach a ledge to the left-side of the road at the beginning of the level. Then enter the room to get the Sigil Crystal.
The Katak Crystal is a great survivability power crystal. A lifedrain effect is added to Starkiller’s lightsaber, letting him to regain health while slicing up enemies. While the impact does not appear on each swing, this is still effectively healing. The Death Star has this gem at the finale of the game. The crystal is at the beginning of the level.
Please leave a comment below and let us know about your favorite power crystals!

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Welcome to our guide “Pokemon Go: How To Purchase A Ticket For Fest 2022?”. Trainers of Pokemon Go will find out how to get their “GO Fest 2022” tickets as well as how much they will cost in this guide.
GO Fest 2022 will be an awesome weekend full of special spawning, You’ll get to see the Battle Raids, the Shiny Pokemon, new launches, and more. This event will indeed be global again this year, and players can join for free from wherever. However, paying for the ticketed experience gives players an extra motivation and gives them more opportunities during the GO Fest 2022 event.
Tickets for Pokemon GO Fest 2022 are currently available for $14.99 within in the game’s shop.
⦁ Touch the Pokemon GO Fest 2022 icon in the game’s shop.
⦁ Select the Buy option.
⦁ A pop-up will appear, showing that you have purchased a ticket for the Pokemon GO Fest 2022.
⦁ The ticket will appear inside your Item Bag after you touch OK.

Pre-event medals will be handed out to you. On Saturday 4th June or Sunday 5th June 2022, sign in to enjoy the Pokemon GO Fest 2022 event. To claim every day’s Special Research story, you must sign in within event hours on Saturday & Sunday. As the big day approaches, gamers should understand more about what to expect on June 4. While a ticket is not required to attend GO Fest 2022, some benefits and activities are exclusively available to ticket holders.
So, this was our guide “Pokemon Go: How To Purchase A Ticket For Fest 2022?”. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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