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SUPERMARKETS including Tesco, Iceland, Sainsbury's, and even the typically expensive Waitrose, have slashed the price of Christmas treats by up to 50%.
Now that Christmas has been and gone, and the extended family has finally moved out of the spare room, you might be left with all the dregs of festive chocolate in tins, tubs and more.
You can replenish what's been scoffed down though with a number of sales and discounts of up to 50% off – a lot cheaper than what you might have paid for them before Christmas.
For many, the idea of possibly stuffing any more chocolate is enough to make their stomachs hurt, but it pays to stock up on the treats now in time for next year.
In the run-up to Christmas, supermarkets battled it out to have the lowest prices on offer.
As a part of that, before the big day a number of stores ran deals on the festive treats, like a two for £7 deal we spotted on Celebrations and Heroes tubs at Tesco, Asda and more.
But they rocketed to full price again just as demand set in with last minute grocery trips.
Now Christmas is over chocolates and more are selling for the cheapest prices we've spotted about – you likely won't spot a better deal until after Valentine's day now, in two month's time.
You'll need to be quick as the deals won't hang about, and across any of the stores, they'll be subject to availability.
It's worth having a shop around before you commit to a purchase too, as you might find a better deal after a bit of searching and price matching.
In the meantime though, here are some of the best discounts on post Xmas treats that we've spotted:
B&M has a range of chocolate hamper selections including Kinder and more, that have all been reduced by 50%.
The Kinder hamper contains all your favourites including Bueno Mini, Happy Hippo and Kinder bars – so it'll suit any indecisive fans.
They're exclusive to B&M too so you won't find the same deal at any other store.
It does mean you have to make the trek out to the shops to buy the cheap treats though, as B&M doesn't have an online store.
You might have already been up to your eyeballs in chocolate selection boxes this festive season, but Iceland has slashed them to their lowest prices right now.
This 460g box that's been discounted to just £2.50 features an array of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates.
You get one Whole Nut bar, one Caramel Milk bar, one Fruit and Nut bar, but a classically milk chocolate bar in the selection.
The packaging even comes with a faux label that you can write a message on, but the red ribbon details might be a dead giveaway of Christmas regifting if you were planning on stashing the chocs for a birthday or similar later in the year.
Tesco has slashed Lindt Lindor assorted tubs to just £5.
It's the same price that you might typically pick up cheaper chocs like Celebrations, Heroes or Quality Street, on any regular day at the store or rivals.
That means you don't have to skimp out on luxury as you worry about going over budget with the normally pricey chocolates, now that they've been reduced.
You'll have to have a Tesco Clubcard to cash-in though, without it the price is £10.
If you've not yet had your fill of the classic coffee table tubs of chocs that make an appearance every Christmas, then Sainsbury's has an offer on Heroes you can't refuse.
The cheapest price we had seen tubs of Heroes selling at before was £3.50, especially when Lidl reduced individual tubs (that you didn't have to buy in a bulk deal) in its Halloween offers back in October.
Shoppers can save another £1 on that price now if they buy the 650g tubs instead from Sainsbury's.
They were £5 a pop, but they've been slashed by 50% to just £2.50.
Even posh supermarket Waitrose has got in on the reductions.
Its own high end chocolates have been discounted by as much as 50% too.
These Lindt Nuxor chocolates were £5, but they're now only £2.50.
The 165g box might usually be one you'd avoid on the shelf and dismiss as too expensive, but cashing in now means you'll bag a deluxe gift or two to stash away for later in the year.
It's not just chocolate treats that are reduced in the post Christmas sales either, as all your favourite biccies have been slashed in price too.
At Iceland you can buy a mega box of Cadbury chocolate fingers for just £2.50 now that they've been slashed to just half price.
The "great big" box is 570g so there's plenty of biscuits to go round the whole family if you fancy a break from the rich Christmas chocolates passed around.
They'd make a great present for a finger fan too, and you can save it for later in the year as the packaging isn't a Christmas give-away either.
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