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Dealer Inspire is certified to provide Subaru retailers a connected digital website platform that includes turnkey opportunities for seamless digital advertising, SEO, messaging, digital retailing and vehicle acquisition technologies built-in
NAPERVILLE, Ill., June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dealer Inspire (DI), a Inc. (NYSE: CARS) company that provides advanced technology and digital advertising solutions to the automotive industry, announced today a new OEM partnership with Subaru of America. Dealer Inspire has been named a Certified Website Provider in the Subaru Certified Retailer Program, and will have the opportunity to partner with Subaru’s more than 570 U.S.-based retailers to help them increase sales and efficiency through a connected website platform with industry-leading technology. The company currently partners with retailers within the Subaru Certified Chat Program and can leverage existing relationships to build website market share.
“There is no doubt about it – the best consumer experience wins. At Dealer Inspire, we are passionate about enabling our dealer partners with a digital storefront and connected suite of digital advertising solutions that meet shoppers where they are and deliver flawless execution on the shopping experience today’s customers expect,” said Darren Haygood, General Manager for Dealer Inspire. “Our award-winning website platform coupled with innovative digital retailing and vehicle acquisition solutions helps maximize dealer ROI and is a catalyst for selling more vehicles, more efficiently. We are incredibly proud to be Certified by Subaru, and we’re excited about the opportunity to expand our relationship with local Subaru retailers across the country.”
DI customers gain additional benefits as part of the Inc. family of brands, which includes, Dealer Inspire, DealerRater, FUEL, CreditIQ and Accu-Trade. The company leverages integrated technologies across its brands to drive’s 26 million monthly in-market car shoppers directly to dealers’ digital and physical storefronts.
As part of the Certified Digital Program, Subaru retailers who partner with Dealer Inspire gain access to:
Advanced Website Platform: An eight-time AWA Pinnacle Platform Winner, DI’s website platform is flexible, fast, and built to convert. It adapts to each individual shopper with personalization and geofencing technology, and features Lightning Inventory to instantly guide them to the right vehicle for their needs. Seamlessly integrated with the rest of DI’s products, the website platform is the customizable core of any dealer’s business.
Digital Advertising, SEO & Creative Services: DI also offers a full suite of connected digital marketing services to drive new customers to the platform, including Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Advertising and Creative Services. By deploying the company’s fully connected strategy, dealers can guide customers through each touchpoint in the car shopping journey. While Digital Advertising is not Certified it is available to Subaru retailers as a turnkey service.
End-To-End Retailing: Online Shopper™ is the digital retailing solution that allows shoppers to customize and compare payments across multiple vehicles to make real buying decisions with dealers’ inventory. From there, shoppers can complete the entire transaction online, from getting credit approved, to adding F&I products and aftermarket accessories, to scheduling pick-up or delivery and signing online.
24/7 Customer Messaging: Conversations™ is the advanced messaging and “chat” solution built to connect today’s car shoppers with stores — wherever, whenever, and however they want to shop. Featuring live video and SMS texting capabilities to keep shoppers connected offline, Conversations™ is deeply integrated with the retailer’s website in unprecedented ways, replacing static lead forms by instantly answering questions and making connections.
Vehicle Acquisition Technology: With the recent addition of Accu-Trade and DI’s Vehicle Builder tool dealers can adapt to today’s market challenges with the solutions needed to acquire more vehicles through easy trade-in and cash offer technology and offer pre-ordering capabilities for shoppers looking for something specific.
Proprietary Reporting Platform: Every DI website also comes with PRIZM™, an advanced reporting platform at no additional cost, giving dealers ROI summaries, metric deep dives, group-level reporting, and proactive alerts for website analytics, marketing and product performance, and even open support requests — all from one beautiful dashboard.
Superior Customer Support: Dealer Inspire supports a best-in-class dealer-to-employee ratio to ensure industry-leading service, achieving an average dealer satisfaction score of 9.5 out of 10.¹ A dedicated team of performance managers partner with retailers to continually increase results through marketing strategy, execution, and transparent reporting.
For more information about DI’s offerings for Subaru retailers, please visit
Dealer Inspire® (DI), a™ Inc. (NYSE: CARS) company, is an award-winning website, technology, and digital marketing provider for progressive dealer partners across the United States and Canada. Founded in 2011, Dealer Inspire is the innovative disruptor changing consumer behaviors and future-proofing dealerships with connected solutions that sell and service more vehicles, more efficiently. From search to signature, Dealer Inspire makes automotive retail faster, easier, and smarter for its more than 5,300 dealer partners and more than 40 global auto brand customers.
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