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Annapurna’s cat adventure has overtaken God of War
Stray has become the highest user-rated game on Steam this year, according to a weighted list.
Steam250 assigns Steam games a score determined by whether players give them a positive or negative review, combined with how many players reviewed them.
Stray’s score is currently 8.61 – based on 42,665 votes of which 98% are positive – making it top of the list of all games released in 2022 to date (as spotted by Skill Up).
This pushes down God of War to second, with its score of 8.56 (based on 53,101 votes of which 97% are positive).
Despite the impressive achievement, Stray still has a long way to go before it’s top of Steam250’s all-time chart, where it currently sits at number 49.
The top game of all time is Portal 2, which has a rating of 8.83 (based on 301,930 votes, of which 99% are positive), followed by Terraria, Stardew Valley, Hades and People Playground.
eFootball 2022, which was previously the lowest user-rated game of all time according to Steam250, has managed to escape its unenviable position following a series of updates that improved the game.
It’s now ‘only’ the tenth-worst user-rated game ever, behind the likes of Godus, Rollercoaster Tycoon World, Flatout 3 and the new ‘bottom’ entry, War of the Three Kingdoms.
Stray smashed Annapurna’s record for concurrent Steam players when it was released earlier this month, hitting a peak of over 62,000 players.
VGC’s Stray review called it one of Annapurna’s best releases to date.
It concludes: “Stray is a masterclass in environmental design, with one of the most engrossingly detailed game worlds we’ve explored. Like its protagonist it’s a little on the short side, but what’s here will stay with you for a long time. Essential.”
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